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Note NOTICE: "...There are several PW10 vets I would like to locate, or those for whom I can add definitive service information. Bridget, Francis Joseph "Frank" - ex-Assistant Naval Attaché for Air, Tokyo, 1938; commissioning CO, USS WILLIAM B. PRESTON (AVD 7), 1940; Operations officer and Chief of Staff, Patrol Wing TEN, NAS Sangley Point, TP, 1941; CO, Naval Battalion, Bataan, and later POW in the Philippines, died en route Japan in SS Brazil Maru, January 1945, buried at sea; promoted to Captain in 1944. Namesake for USS BRIDGET (DE 1024). Looking for more bio data, background and contact with family members and friends who knew, knew of him. Thanks. DORNY, CDR Louis B. Retired npo15@msn.com..." [22MAR2005]

Note NOTICE: "...A Memorial is being established at Crawley Bay in Perth in commemoration of Naval operations during World War II. We are interested in communicating with any and all Shipmates attached to: CPW-10, FAW-10, VP-11, VP-33, VP-34, VP-52, and VP-102. Please contact Jim Eftos jimef@dcd.wa.gov.au. Thanks you..." [19FEB2003]

Note NOTICE: "...I'm an military aviation historian doing research for a book. I'm looking to contact, and hopefully interview, members of Patrol Wing 10 from early in WWII. I'm particularly interested in contacting any PatWing-10 members who were in Broome, Australia on 3 March 1942 when the town was attacked by Japanese fighters. This attack destroyed two PatWing-10 PBYs, along with a large number of Dutch, British, and Australian flying boats and other aircraft. The attack also resulted in the deaths of numerous Dutch women and children who'd flown to Broome from the NEI aboard Dutch flying boats.

According to Dwight Messimer's book "In the Hands of Fate," PatWing-10 members who were at Broome during the attack included Al Armbruster and Cullen Bray. If either of these men, or anyone else who was at Broome during the attack, is still alive, I'd very much like to talk with them. Thanks for the help!...CG Jarrells cgandsheilajarrells@msn.com..." [05JAN2003]

Note NOTICE: "...Hi all. I am searching for photos (pictures) showing US Patrol Wing 10 (CPW-10) in actions over Dutch East Indies and Philippines in 1941-1942. All help appreciate it:-) Thanks...Klemen imperia555@hotmail.com..." WebSite: http://www.fortunecity.com/victorian/church/990/ [25JUN2000]

Note NOTICE: "...I am trying to locate a crew member of my father's PBY by the name RM1c Charles Fraser. He was on my dads plane at Ambon, Dutch East Indies 1/15/1942. He was a member of CPW-10 (VP-102 I think). If anyone knows his address or phone number it would be appreciated...Bob Bergstrom pbybergstrom@comcast.net..." [05MAY2001]

Note NOTICE: "...Trying to locate info on my father was missing in the Aleutions 25 Aug. 1942. He flew PBY-5 in Battle of Java, Pat Wing 10. Have his diary which correlates with battle stories from "Fate of Wing 10" and other PBY Catalina WWII books. Would really appreciate! Thanks. Jerry Cannon judyc33@email.msn.com ..." [25AUG99]

UPDATE "...I have to assume the last name is Cannon. If so the aircraft was a PBY-5, #04469 assigned to VP-43. Houston R. Cannon CAP serial # 03598128 was one of the 12 men aboard that went missing in the vicinity of Dutch Harbor..." Contributed by WFI Research Group wreck1@localnet.com WebSite: http://wfirg.com/ [E-Mail/URL Updated 09MAR2002 | 25AUG99]

Note NOTICE: "...I am trying to research my father-in-laws war years. Vernerd C. Nichols - Aviation Radioman. CPW-10, Phillipines 1940-41, VPB-4, Hawaii, Eniwetok, and Saipan. I have some old pictures. One Coronado has a lounging nude woman with a flower in her hair. No names on pictures of crewmen. Any help? Thanks...Vernerd C. Nichols c/o his son-in-law Tim Morris timlinda65@gmail.com..." [14JUL99]

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