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BIGELOW, AT2 Bill wjbigelow@excite.com "...I served with VS-39, FASRON-201 (Special), VP-23 from 1956 to 1960. Would like to hear from anyone who cares to contact me..." [E-Mail Updated 12DEC2003 | E-Mail Updated 17APR2002 | 23AUG99]

BUSH, ADJ2(AT) Bill G. bluesalumni3611@earthlink.net "...Served with FASRON-201 from July 1957 and departed August 1959. Would like to hear from anyone who was there..." [E-Mail Updated 15OCT2002 | E-Mail Updated 20SEP2002]

CHAISSON, AE2 Barry mnb12807@aol.com "...I served with FASRON-201 (1957 to 1959). Prior to FASRON-201 I also went to NATTC NAS Jacksonville, Florida AE Schools support after Malta, HS-11 USS Wasp CVS 18, Essex and Lake Champlain. I now live in Sanger, Ca..." [10JUL2008]

GALLAGHER, Charlie gullbarb2@aol.com "...Looking to find any FASRON-201 SP ships company personnal. airdales, seabees etc who served at Hal Far. Base staff etc..." [03OCT2003]

GUSBY, AT1 Bill moments1@bellsouth.net "...I served with FASRON-9 NAS Cecil Field, Jacksonville, Florida (AT3 - Electronics Shop) from 1955 to early 1957 and FASRON-201 Hal Far, Malta (AT1 - Electronics Shop) from early 1957 to late 1958. I have recently returned to what was NATTC Norman, Oklahoma and have posted a map of the base at http://bellsouthpwp.net/m/o/moments1/normanNATTC.html. I hope you find this interesting..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 20NOV2003 | 19NOV99]

HUMPHREYS, George geohum@budget.net "...I served with FASRON-201SP. I was on the rock sometime in 1958 until after the move to NAS Sigonella, Sicily, I worked in the radio shack. I can still see the faces but cant put names to them (too old I guess). I've head from Bill Sills he was in the same hut. I'd like to hear from Shipmates same time period..." [13MAR2002]

LUDIENSKI, Alfred rentech@comcast.net "...1957 - 1958 Tour in Malta as Special Services Officer, FASRON-201, though trained in Ordnance. But that position was filled upon my arrival. Had two great Chiefs - but cannot remember their names. Then led the pre-commissioning detail at NAS Sigonella, Sicily, with every non-military job you can think of. Started the School, Movie House, BOQ, Dependent Housing, etc. with an office located in the chapel. Could not get the Commanding Officer (Frasier?) to start an enlisted men's club or athletic field - he had other priorities. Remember Yost (Communications), Malagodi (Dentist}, McEvoy and a great Commissary Officer who died very young (name?) Anyone else have any memories?..." [22AUG2002]

MOORE, YN3 Jimmie moore567@charter.net "...I served with FASRON-201SP from September 1958 to July 1959 and was one of my best tours in the Navy. Came in as a duce and made SN and YN3 while there. I was in base admin and remember our LPO was a PN1 who was a serious chain smoker. I also ran the movies and remember it was a challenge to get through one showing without having one of the projectors break down. I have a recent booklet from Malta and I see HalFar is still an airfield. I wish I could remember names but the years have taken care of that. Good luck to all..." [24SEP2003]

NORUM, ATC/AC Gene H. Retired haggar35@live.com "...Started my fleet career at NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island in the FlogWingSlant (VR-22 / VR-1 Terminal Support Crew, FASRON-104 (DET Alpha at NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco and Halfar Malta from 1954 to 1956 - involving Patrons), commissioned FASRON (Special) 201 and flew radioman for DEPCINCAFSOUTH R4D BUNO: 17165 (this is the one that later crashed at Naples), WestPac/CVG Navy, NATTC Instructor, (finally back to the good guys) NAS Sigonella, Sicily from 1967 to 1970 (was ADMIN Chief for the ASCAC and the deployment CPO for the P-3 Vancomplex- LP3C3), NATF (SI) NAS Lakehurst, New Jersey, VC-8 at NS Roosevelt Roads, PR from 1971 to 1974 and finally to VQ-2 at NS Rota, Spain from 1974 to 1978. Looking back the most satisfying tours were FASRON (Special) 201, NAS Sigonella, Sicily , VC-8 / AFWR and VQ-2 NS Rota, Spain..." [E-Mail Updated 01JUL2009 | 15JUN2004]

ROHRLICK, AT3 Spense 4spense@gmail.com "...I was an AT3 with FASRON-201 Special stationed on Malta from November 1958 until we moved the base to NAS Sigonella, Sicily. I'm recently heard from someone by the name of Bill Sills who was there with me and am wondering about some of the others whose names are becoming dimmer as time passes. There was Bob Bigelow from Lima Ohio, Bill Gwozdz from CT. Bill Hatch from NH or VT who was a photographer and expert archer. Harry Garvey was the radioman on the R4D that crashed on takeoff at Naples. In any event, I'd like to see some kind of get together to reminisce, share photos and all that good stuff. Regards..." [E-Mail Updated 06DEC2007 | E-Mail Updated 24MAY2005 | E-Mail Updated 10MAY2002 | 18MAR2001]

SCHMIDT, RM3 Dick 44schmidt@embarqmail.com "...I served with FASRON-201 on Malta from July 1957 to December 1958. Some of the others I remember were Jim Lane, Bill Swiech, John Koehler & Chuck Streeter along with some others who I can't remember their names. It was a very good duty station and many of the airdale radiomen would stop in the radio shack for coffee along with transient pilots who needed a good cup of coffee. CDR Curtis was Comm. officer and LT(jg) Floyd Yost was Assistant Communications Officer. Captain T. W. Hillis was CO but lost his life in an accident with the squadron "Chicken Leg Bomber" near Naples. Remember working the Chicken Leg one day and they had lost an engine over Greece. They made it in safely that day but the radioman was quite excited!..." [E-Mail Updated 25FEB2009 | E-Mail Updated 13JUN2006 | 09FEB2001]

SILLIS, Bill billsillsteyn@yahoo.com "...I was PO TEYN(M)2 Postmaster of FASRON-201 Special from November 1958 until April 1959. I remember the Gut, of course and the walks from upper camp to lower camp. I remember our base aircraft crashing in Naples, killing the skipper and a few others onboard. Many names escape me after 43 years. Would like to hear from Shipmates, same time period. Also would like to get squadron patch from the period 1958-1959..." [26DEC2001]

STANLEY, ATR3 Bill blackhawk6x@webtv.net "...I served with FASRON-201 from October 1958 until shortly after we moved to NAS Sigonella, Sicily. My hut mates in Malta were (as well as I can remember): "Hut Mother", "Big Jim" Burkhart, Bill Gwodz(Gavoosh)(?), Paul Riddenbach, Al Leatherwood, Bill Bigalow, (?) White, "Bennie" Benford, and Spence Rohrlick(?). Would like to hear from anyone else who remembers me...I served with VP-16 from 1959 to 1961 as Radar/Jezabel operator on LF10. Original crew was: PPC LT Hank Dickson (We later both became Army Aviators flying helicopters in the late'60s - a good story for the next Reunion), CP LT Wally Jeager, Navigator LTJG Dick Kruppa, PC "Wild Bill" Oats, Mechanic "Tex" Harris, Rad/ECM Ray Hemby and Dwight"Johnny" Johnson, MAD Joe Shotko, and Ord Leroy "Maxie" Carter. Later crew members during my tenure were LT Willis, LT Holt, LT Barton, LTJG Wingate, AD2 Everett, Bill Faint(ord), ? Barth(MAD), "Dan" Daniel (rad/ECM) and Leon Stoltz (ord). I look forward to seeing many of these folks at our next Reunion..." [BIO Updated 15AUG2002 | 14AUG2002]

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