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How Do I Get Personnel Records? - Records - By law records can only be released to an individual or their next of kin. To get the record of a former Navy member who has served more than one year ago.

OnLine Request for Military Personnel Records WebSite

The National Personnel Records Center
9700 Page Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri, 63132
Phone: (314) 538-4141/3135/3071/3132

You will need to provide the following information: full name under which service was performed, service number and/or Social Security number, branch of service, dates of service, date and place of birth, and grade or rank at time of separation/retirement. The name is the most important piece of information to be provided. However,the more information you can provide, the better chance the person's record will be found. Record retrievals are an arduous process and may take up to three weeks.

For records of former Navy members who have served within the last six months to a year, contact:

Department of the Navy
Bureau of Naval Personnel
Attn: PERS313C1 REC
2 Navy Annex
Washington, D.C. 20370-3130
Phone: (703) 614-2983

UPDATE[14SEP2001] The National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Mo. (the repository for nearly all U. S. military records starting with WWII) announced four new customer service telephone numbers. They are:


Regardless of branch of service, NPRC says veterans can call any of the four numbers.
Navy Active Duty Personnel Locator WebSite:
Linkhttp://www.navydirectory.smartlink.navy.mil Contributed by ed.dorroh@gte.net [24JAN99]
BUPERS does not have custody of crew lists or current addresses for former members. However, this information can be compiled from several sources. The names of the officers usually appear on the first page of each Ship Deck Log, which were submitted monthly. The enlisted men assigned to a naval ship or command are listed on muster rolls which were also submitted monthly.

The Military Reference Branch, National Archives, Washington, D.C. 20408, holds copies of most deck logs from 1801 through June 1945, as well as microfilm copies of the muster rolls through 1966. In some cases during the 1950s and 1960s, a list of the officers was included with the muster rolls. The Military Reference Branch also has custody of the Bureau of Naval Personnel Casualty Files, which have the official list of Navy casualties for each World War II action. By using the list of officers in the deck logs and the muster rolls, one can compile a list of the crew. Then by using the crew list and the list of casualties, the names of the survivors of a World War II ship or vessel can be created with relative accuracy.

Military Reference Branch WebSite:
The Suitland Reference Branch, National Archives, Washington D.C. 20409 has custody of the deck logs from July 1, 1945 through 1961. The deck logs from 1962 through 1978 are maintained by the Washington National Records Center, but access to them is controlled by the Deck Logs Section, Ships History Branch, Naval Historical Center, 901 M Street SE, Washington, D.C. 20374-5060. From 1978 to the present, the logs exist only on microfiche, which is also held by the Deck Logs Section.

Suitland Reference Branch WebSite:
National Archives WebSite:
National Records Center WebSite:
The muster rolls from 1967 to 1974 are in the custody of the Bureau of Naval Personnel (Pers-0243), Washington D.C. 20370. From 1975 to present, the muster rolls are held by the Enlisted Personnel Management Center, Diary Control/Research Branch (Code 312), New Orleans, LA 70159.

Bureau of Naval Personnel WebSite:
Individuals have had success in locating former and retired military personnel by placing advertisements or Reunion notices in military oriented periodicals. These magazines have a combined irculation of more than one million, and their readership includes many former and retired military personnel. The editors of the magazines should be contacted separately about placing advertisements.

VPNAVY Reunion Summary WebSite:
Disabled American Veterans magazine offers reunions services. Send notices to:

Reunions, DAV Magazine
PO Box 14301
Cincinnati, OH 45250-0301

Disabled American Veterans WebSite:
The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) offers a vet/retired locator service. For a small fee they will send a list of matching names and supply all known facts about a person's military history. If the service is unable to find a matching name, you will get your money back. You can write for information at:

Vets National Archives, Finders/Seekers
1809 Vandiver Dr.
Columbia, MO 65202-1916.

Veterans of Foreign Wars WebSite:
Vets National Archives, Finders/Seekers WebSite:
The United States Naval Institute in Annapolis, Maryland has established a Reunion hot-line (410) 268-6110.

United States Naval Institute WebSite:
The Navy World-Wide locator will forward letters to retired members of the Navy. For this assistance, send a letter in a stamped envelope with the name of the retired serviceman on the front and no return address to:

Navy Reserve Personnel Center
4400 Dauphin Street
New Orleans, LA 70149
Crew Member Information WebSite:

Many people are interested in how to get in contact with their former crew members. The Navy World Wide Locator has duty stations for active duty personnel. Their phone number is (866) 827-5672.
X.500 Navy Directory Service - Locating Active Duty Personnel http://www.navydirectory.smartlink.navy.mil/ "...It's real quick and will tell you where they work at least. Then get on Yahoo People Search and check for a local listing. Contact Regained!..." Contributed by Ed ed.dorroh@gte.net [03JUL99]

Locating Active Duty Personnel WebSite:
Hunting For Shipmates?

Buddy Finder [MILITARY.COM] (Missing Buddies, Personals, Other Resources, White Pages, Locator Help, etc.) WebSite [29JUN2004]

  • Bureau of Naval Personnel (BUPERS)
  • Customer Service Desk, Atsugi, Japan
  • Department of the Navy Civilian Personnel/Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Enlisted Placement Management Center (EPMAC) [Link Updated 27JUL2005]
  • Flag Officer Management
  • Fleet PSD Ingleside
  • Human Resources Office, Jacksonville, FL
  • Human Resources Office, Lakehurst
  • Human Resources Office, Norfolk
  • Human Resources Office, Pensacola, FL
  • Navy Equal Opportunity
  • Navy Manpower Analysis Center
  • Navy Personnel Command's Center for Career Development
  • Navy Retention Center Online
  • PERSUPPACT Great Lakes
  • Personnel Support Activity, Jacksonville, FL
  • Personnel Support Activity, Norfolk, VA
  • Personnel Support Activity, Puget Sound, WA
  • Personnel Support Activity, San Diego, CA
  • Personnel Support Detachment, Naples, IT
  • Transient Personnel Unit Norfolk

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