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Note NOTICE: "...Looking for information on a medal that looks like it might have been on a chain. Says USS Pine Island (AV-12) on front and has a basketball player. On back says WesPac TsingTao China (1948-1949) and has an T. E. Chestnut or T. F. Chestnut on it. Is this medal of any importance and is this person or some family members still alive. Thanks..." Contributed by Peggy Haywood pjhwood@yahoo.com [23OCT2012]

Note NOTICE: "...My husband served aboard the USS Tingey (DD-539), USS Pine Island (AV-12) and the USS Tingey (DD-539). I am trying to find him a patch from about 1963 or a little earlier from one or all 3 of these ships to give him for Christmas. Does anyone know where I can purchase one? Thank you all for my freedom! Nancy nmfaces@windstream.net..." [19SEP2009]

Note NOTICE: "...I served aboard the USS Pine Island (AV-12) from 1965 to 1967 and need the help of Shipmates. I need to prove that we were "feet on ground" at NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. I have diabetics and trying to get my medical services and medicine through the VA. Any help of pictures or information that I can use would be greatly appreciated. We had a 2 day beach party co-sponsered by the Navy and Army. Several ship bands played. I know that would show that we were "on ground". ANDERSON, Marvin Keith "Andy" mkaajaa@aol.com..." [26JUL2009]

Note NOTICE: "...My Father, James Easter, served aboard the USS Pine Island (AV-12) from 1964 to 1965. I have been looking for a USS Pine Island (AV-12) patch for three years, orignally to suprise him with. Unfortunatley, my Father passed a little of a year ago but my search for this patch continues. If anyone has one they are willing to part with, or knows where I can locate one please let me know. Also, I'm looking for a Commander Naval Air Force Pacific Fleet Battle Efficiency "E" patch also known as Gold "E" from 1965. I have the letter from Commander C.N. Seaver but no patch. If anyone can help me with either please feel free to contact me. Thanking you in advance. James Easter, Jr. jimeaster@aol.com..." [22JAN2008]

Note NOTICE: "...I served aboard the USS Cavalier (APA-37) from 1965 to 1968. I recall seeing the USS Pine Island (AV-12) in Okinawa around March 1966. My uncle served aboard the the USS Pine Island (AV-12) during WWII. His name was James Osborn. I believe he was a MM2. If any one recalls him please contact me at my e-mail or (772)501-1947. Gerard Hutcheon hutchlcm2@aol.com..." [08NOV2007]

Note NOTICE: "...I have some interesting pictures of the crew of the USS Pine Island (AV-12) during the OPERATION HIGH JUMP. It took place during 1946 and 1947. My great uncle John Paul Cross was a yoeman on board. I recently found some pictures that some families might be interested in and I am willing to share them. Would love to hear from families of Shipmates or maybe Shipmates. Thanks...Joe Anderson cjandlk@msn.com..." [03JAN2005]

Note NOTICE: "...I am the historian for the Mariner/Marlin Association and need a copy of the ships patch for the seaplane tenders
USS Pine Island (AV-12) and USS Salisbury Sound (AV-13). Can anyone provide me with a copy of either?...Bruce Barth bbarth1@austin.rr.com..." [04JUL2002]

Note NOTICE: "...I was on the USS Pine Island (AV-12) from September 1953 to January 1955 in V-2 Division. We have the USS Pine Island (AV-12) Association for any one that was on the ship. Our Secretary is Bob Buscher, 7741 NW 21st St., Silver Lake, Ks. 66539 [785] 582-4460. We just had our Annual Reunion at Pine Island, Fl. for the first time. Our next Reunion will be in Sacramento, Ca about October 3rd to the 6th, 2002...Richard Bonnefoi RnEBonnie@yahoo.com..." [15OCT2001]

Note NOTICE: "...I am looking for information about a Bobby Reavis who served on the USS Pine Island (AV-12) out of San Diego approximately 58-59 or later. Anyone who knows anything would you please contact me. Thank you...Rebecca Perkins dperkins@scccd.org..." [05APR2002]

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