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ANDERSON, AT3 Kenneth kenneth060@centurytel.net "...I was the Det Log Yoeman for VAW-12 Det 62 on the USS Independence in 1962 as an AT3..." [15JUL2006]

ARMONDINO, AT2 Norman Louis nla50@cox.net "...I served with VAW-12 (1963). I left the Navy and attended Pennsylvania State University and the University of Hartford..." [12JUL2014]

BOSOMWORTH, ATN3 Charles papachuck63@yahoo.com "...I served aboard NAS Trinidad, British West Indies (1960-1961) and VAW-12 (1961-07/1962)..." [02AUG2017]

BROOKS, ATN3 Jim jab8144@aol.com "...I was an ATN3 with VAW-12 from 1963 - 1965 and was detached to the Enterprise (Med & World cruises), Saratoga and Forrestall for Med cruises (crossed decked from Saratoga to Forrestall). I have fond memories of those cruises and the many local watering holes patronoized by us. We flew Willy-Fudds and I can attest to the fact that you can tie down 53 cases of beer in the radome of the Fudd. I also believe that the E1B was the slowest single wing airplane ever built..." [08OCT2003]

BROOKS, Leldon Lane blaquerencia@aol.com "...I reported for duty with VAW-12 September 1957. We deployed aboard USS Essex at Mayport Florida November 1957 for Carrier Quals December 1957, USS Forestal for Carrier Quals January 1958, and Detactment 43 aboard the USS Saratoga Med Cruise. I was discharged March 1959..." [28DEC2003]

CZAP, AK3 Joseph A. "Cap" jaczap@embarqmail.com "...I served with VAW-12 DET-62 in 1965 aboard the USS Independance CVA-62 as an AK-3. The ship embarqued 10 May 1965 and lost a squadron Shipmate William Addison Mitchell 11 AE-3 in a plane crash when a COD catted off the carrier 12 September 1965, there were alot of good people I served under, all escaped except William, he took too much water in. I remember him as a brother he was the glue that kept 12 of us together. Was down at the "Wall" several times an yes this work for me with a healing process..." [20JUL2009]

D'EPAGNIER, CDR William S. Retired bijadep@msn.com "...LCDR Officer in charge VAW-12 Detachment 45 from January 9, 1958 to December 18, 1958 aboard the USS Essex (CVA-9)..." [27DEC2006]

DENYER, AE2 Al siddiq_63935@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-49 in NAS Bermuda from 1957 to 1959. I flew as crew member on LP-2 and was then AE-3 and later AE-2. Flew power panel, and ECM. Made operational trips to NS Roosevelt Roads, PR, NAS Key West, Florida, NAS Norfolk, Virginia and NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada. Transferred to VAW-12 at NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island for three months before discharge December 1959..." [14JUN2005]

ECKBERG, AMS3 John jdeplane@aol.com "...I served with VAW-12- (1960-1962) at NAS Norfolk, Virginia and NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island. I flew as aircrewmember operating APS-20 radar aboard AD5W aircraft..." [06SEP2020]

EIDSON, ADR2(AC) Randall andyyours@aol.com "...I served with VAW-33 Detachment 39 and VAW-12 Detachment 39..." [07AUG2011]

EYBERGEN, AWC Christian Retired christian.eybergen@yahoo.com "...Enlisted in the Navy Nov 1950 , went to Great Lakes Boot Camp, then to A Ship USS Tarawa CV-40 (1951-1952, and USS Oriskany -CV-34 in Korea March (1953), Then was assigned to NAS Kingsville, Texas (1954), In 1958 went to "A" school, From there served with VAW-12 Flying as an ASW Operator in AD5W Aircraft with Det 43 out of NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island with CAG 3 on the USS Saratoga CVA 60, (1958-1960), In (1960) went to McQuire AFB, New Jersey with VR-6 until 1963, Then was assigned to VP-23 with Crew 9 and Crew 11 till 1968, I went to "B" school in NAS Memphis, Tennessee, then assigned to VP-21 end of (1968) with Crew 4 and then Decommissioned VP-21 in (1969), I was the assigned to OMD, NAS Brunswick, Maine for shore duty (1969-1972), I was then assigned back to VP-23 with crew 6. Retired in Oct 1973..." [BIO Updated 21AUG2017 | E-Mail Updated 19JUN2015 | BIO Updated 11MAR2015 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 25DEC2013 | E-Mail Updated 15JAN2008 | BIO/E-Mail Updated 19JUL2002 | 07SEP98]

FAULKNER, Tom tomasito00@yahoo.com "...I served with VAW-12 September 1958. I participated on Detachment 33 (USS Intrepid CVS-11), 1959 Med Cruise Detachment 38 (USS Lake Champlain CVS-39), 2 ASW Cruises Detachment 42 (USS Forrestal CVA-59), 1960 Med Cruise Detachment (USS Essex CVS-9), 1960 NATO/SEATO Cruise Detachment 42 (USS Forrestal CVA-59), 1961 Med Criuse and discharged October 1961..." [18NOV2009]

FOLCIK, Chas aka Fearless Fosdick willyfudd@msn.com "...After ATN "A" School I reported to VAW-12 at NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island in August of 1962. VAW-12 moved to NAS Norfolk, Virginia that fall. In October of 1962 I flew into NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and was put on a Tin Can and then Highlined over to the USS Independence. Back to Cuba on the USS Saratoga in December 1962. Summer Med cruise on the USS Saratoga in 1963. Carrier qualifications on the USS Forrestal in Nov 1963 where I witnessed the only time in history that a C-130 operated off an aircraft carrier. Med cruise and World cruise on the USS Enterprise in 1964. I logged almost 600 hours and 161 Carrier Landings as an Aircrewman in the E1B "Willy Fudd"..." [11OCT2002]

GANGI, AD1 Vincent J. vindot@cox.net "...I served with VP-8 (1954-1956) on Crew-6 and Crew-8, VU-2 (1956-1958) at NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island (Enlisted Pilot - Tow Targets - Aircraft Ferry), shore duty, VAW-12 and VAW-33..." [BIO Updated 27JUL2012 | 01NOV2010]

HALBERT, ADR2 Bernard "Hal" bhalbert2002@yahoo.com "...I served with VR-1 (Zebra Division) from 1955 to 1958, VAW-12 at NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island, VP-26 from 1962 to 1965 and flew on Crew 1 with CDR Miller, LT Selzer, LT Fowler, and Larry Young (don't remember names of rest of crew). Flew as 2nd Mech then made PC (1963 to 1965). Had good times there. Went on to Weapons System Test (WST) Squadron at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland then to NAS Norfolk, Virginia. Any info on any Reunions or Larry Young or Frank Prease..." [E-Mail Updated 09JUL2010 | 07MAR2000]

HENDRICKS, LT(jg) Melvin Elton eltonh@methodist.edu "...I served with VAW-12 (1959-1961) at NAS Norfolk, Virginia with deployments aboard the USS Randolph (CV-15) and USS Valley Forge (CV-45)..." [18FEB2016]

HOWELL, Clark W. (Bill) cwhowell@nac.net "...I served with VS-42 in the Supply Department from its establishment (September 1961) to deestablishment (Augugst 1962). It was my first assignment in the Navy and I arrived as an AA and finished as an AK3. I also served with VAW-12 from 1962 to 1963..." WebSite: http://cwhowell2.tripod.com [E-Mail Updated 01SEP2004 | E-Mail Updated 29AUG2002 | BIO Updated 04AUG2002 | 31DEC2001]

KEDZIOR, AD2 Ed bandekedz@aol.com "...Reported for duty VAW-12 September 1957, deployed aboard USS Essex November 1957, Carrier Quals, December 1957, USS Forestal, Carrier Quals, January 1958 Detactment 43 USS Saratoga Med Cruise. Discharged VAW-12 August 1959..." [01OCT2002]

KELLY, Frank fklongbeach@aol.com "...I served with VAW-12 from 1959 to 1963 mostly with Detachment 41 on the USS Independence as a Plane Captain. Hope to hear from any of the guys..." [13JUL2006]

Memorial Picture "...MANDEL, CDR Cornelius E...I don't know if any of you knew my dad, CDR. Cornelius E. Mandel, but he was with the VAW-12 and flew the AD5W for a short period of time in Japan from 1961-63. He passed away this December 7th, 2004 at age 76 of congestive heart failure. I wish he had known of this website because he would have loved corresponding with all of you. If any of you knew him and have any stories, please let me know. Thank you!...Bridget Mandel-Fawcett bridgefawcett@socal.rr.com..." [31DEC2004]

MAYFIELD, PN Terry D. tdmayf@gmail.com "...I served with VAW-12 (Detachment 52) at NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island from 1958 to 1959 with tours on the USS Valley Forge (CVS-45) and the USS Lake Champlain (CVS-39)..." [27JUL2009]

NETTLES, Bullet Bob Shipmate PixCirca 1966 bulletbob_1@email.msn.com "...I started out in June of 1955 with VC-12 (VAW-12) at NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island flying in the AD-5's and AD-5W Guppy's. I remember many Good and Exciting Flight Hours with the likes of Ens.'s Stookey and Jiles, Ltjg McCloy and Lt. Paul Mounce. Trips over to Long Island for a Few Quick Stops and Many, Many hours of ASW Training around Block Island. In February of 1961 I went with the "Skyraiders" to VC-33 (VAW-33) for some additional training and Flight Hours in the AD-5Q's. I left the Composite Navy in April of 1962 for VX-1 at NAS Key West ( NAS Boca Chica, Florida), Florida. In addition to Rolling a Tool-Box, I flew as S2F, P2V and P-3A (148885 & 149668) Crewmember while attached to VX-1 until April of 1964. In April of 1964 I went West to the VP Navy after ADJ (B) School and P-3 Flight Engineers School. Flew as Flight Engineer with VP-9 from January 1965 to November 1969 and with VP-46 from August 1970 until April of 1974. From May 1974 until I retired in September of 1975 I had a very Plain Jane, Very Un-Interesting Job as an Instructor on Jet Engines at NAMTRADET 1008 at NAS Miramar, California. Except for the last year or so, I had One Damn Good Navy Career. Drop me an E-Mail if you have time..." [BIO Updated 05MAY2003 | E-Mail Updated 01MAY2000 | 16APR2000]

PASTORE, Ronald ronnie888@msn.com "...I was attached to VAW-12 out of NAS Norfolk, Virginia on detachment #9 aboard the USS Essex from 1963 to 1965. Looking for any Shipmates who also served at that time..." [24JUL2003]

RYSEWYK, ATW3 John "Jack" jackrysewyk@sbcglobal.net "...VAW-12, DET 42, ATW3, CGRS Electric Tech. and radar operator. Viet Nam in 1966 aboard the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CV-42)..." [06FEB2011]

Memorial Picture "...SCHILLER, ADRC J. E...Daughter of ADRC J.E. Schiller, USN (Retired). Dad served from 1941-1970 with service aboard cariers, USS Bogue (CVE-9) in WW2, USS Essex (CV-9), USS Forrestal (CVA-59) & possibly more. Duty stations to include NAS Whiting Field, Milton, Florida, NAS Patuxent River, Maryland, NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada (three tours), NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island, & NAS Norfolk, Virginia. Attached to VAW-12. Air Maintenace support for the WillyFudds, I believe. Am looking to share a great picture I have of an Air Crew, in front of a plane, circa 1962 or 1963. Hand written on the back, by my father, are the words 'The crew from Norfolk N.A.S.' I also have Dad's saved Plan of the Day off of the USS Bogue (CVE-9) on V.E. Day and a corresponding picture of him in the Chief's mess on V.E. Day. I also have the well preserved picture of Dad with his Navy Boot Camp class from 1941 or 1942. Would any of this be of any interest to former Shipmates as Dad was fond of saying? A retired chief recently saw a picture I had posted of Dad on the NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada website & commented that it was remarkable that Dad had made chief in under 8 years. Actually, pictures tell the story that Dad made Chief in under four years, but of course that was during WW2. Looking to share photos with anyone interested. Thanks in advance..." Contributed by Pam Schiller Clark psc56891@gmail.com [21JAN2014]

SHANKS, ADR3 Ted theo21940@yahoo.com "...Joined VAW-12 in late 1958 at NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island and went aboard the USS Forrestal shortly after that. I flew as AEW Controller in "guppies" until I was discharged in 1961. I would love to hear from old friends..." [20NOV2002]

STRICKLAND, Joseph D. jdstricklandsr@centurylink.net "...I served with VAW-12 (1963-1966) on the Night Check Line Detachment 59. I would like to get in touch with Jim Potter and Fred Smith..." [23NOV2010]

UPCHURCH, ADR3 Larry larryk7762@att.net "...I served with ATU-604 at NAS Hutchinson, Kansas from 1956 to 1958, NAF Annapolis, Maryland, NAS Norfolk, Virginia,NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island, VAW-12 aboard the USS Valley Forge (CV-45), USS Randolph (CVS-15) and USS Lake Champlain (CVS-39). Honorable Discharge 1960. I still am in touch with two ATU-604 Shipmates (C. C. Simmons Now of Memphis, TN and W. W. Christianson Lincoln, NE). This old man has fond memories of those days. Take care and may GOD continue to bless this nation..." [16SEP2009]

WATTS, Paul A. sp997@attbi.com "...Joined the Reserves in Mar 64, First Squadron was VS-914 NAS NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts; VP-1D2 NAS Dallas, Texas, VAW-12 NAS Norfolk, NARU Houston , VP-90 NAS Glenview, Illinois, AVIC-7 School NATTC Memphis, VP-64 NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, VP-94 NAS NOLA, VP-64 NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania and Retired from VP-90 in Dec 88. Was and IFC and IFT Instructor..." [E-Mail Updated 05DEC2001 | E-Mail Updated 24OCT2000 | E-Mail Updated 17NOV99 | E-Mail Updated 11MAR99 | 11SEP98]

WEGGE, Mark mwegge@yahoo.com "...I was a TACCO in VP-17 (84-88), VP-31 (88-90), VP-90 (90-93) and VP-60 (93-94). Am currently a reservist at NARA Chicago onboard NTC Great Lakes. Would love to here from old Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 27FEB2000 | E-Mail Updated 11JAN2000 | 15MAR98]

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