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Note NOTICE: "...I'm doing research for a book (SEE: http://atolljourney.weebly.com)about the 8th Defense Battalion in the Gilbert Islands and need some help from VPB-109 vets or their families! On January 2, 1944, the Japanese bombed the airfield at Apamama killing two Marines, wounding R. A. Legge of the 95th Construction Battalion, as well as two communications personnel. The following VPB-109 personnel were wounded: AMM1 J. F. Haznar (schrapnel wound in left arm, condition good), Sl E. D. Ray (schrapnel wound in chest, punctured lung, condition critical) and W. B. Idleman (scrhaprnel and burns, condition fair). Does anyone have any recollection of this event or relevant information? Please email me if you do! Thanks!..." Contributed by Edward Shiok atolljourney@gmail.com [25APR2012]

Note NOTICE: "...My father-in-law, Rudolph J. Smolar, served with VPB-109 Crew-11. The man was wonderful however not very talkative when it came about his time in WW2. Me being retired Military understand that. It just seems to me he must have had some wonderfull experiences besides bad ones. Now that he has passed away I am to do my own research and this is hard (thanks to computers and those of you who knew him) it is somewhat easier than before. I am somewhat interested in Military History especially WW2 since my father served in the Army and was involved in many campaigns. If there is anyone out there that knew Rudy Smolar I would appreciate some information. Thank You..." Contributed by Fred Balliet fredballiet@msn.com [30APR2011]

Note NOTICE: "...I just received some Navy film showing what appears to be VPB-116 #38800 showing the crew during a high altitude mission and upon landing at Tinian (Black and White with good to excellent quality). Another film, in color, shows VD-1 31996 Calamity Jane warming up and taking off (excellent quality). I would like to collect more film copies from any individuals that served with Navy/Marine PB4Y-1 Liberator and PB4Y-2 Privateer squadrons (VD-1, VD-3, VD-4, VD-5, VP-101, VP-102, VP-103, VP-104, VP-105, VP-106, VP-107, VP-108, VP-109, VP-110, VP-111, VP-112, VP-115, VP-116, VP-117, VP-118, VP-119, VP-120, VP-121, VP-122, VP-123, and VP-124). Thanks. Alan C. Carey acarey@austin.rr.com..." [27OCT2006]

Note NOTICE: "...Looking for any info on ENS Warren A. Hindenlang "Hindy" of VB-109. He was executed by the Japs on Chichi Jima August 5th, 1944 (the day after the PB4Y-1 on which he was the navigator crashed into the water near the Naval Base at Futami Ko). He is the "unidentified airman", "army crewman", "unidentified B-24 crewman" etc. in the recent book FLYBOYS by James Bradlee. Hindy's only living relative was his mother who died shortly after receiving the word of his execution. His fiancee Barbara Carolyn Woodland died in 1998. I was named after him, lost any direct contact when his mother died and only recently learned of his fate. I hope to honor him by publicizing his story. Any information will be deeply appreciated and acknwledged...Warren Harding bc610e@main.nc.us..." [26FEB2004]

Note NOTICE: "...Letter to the Batmen of VP-24, and other VP's who operated the BAT missile (VPB-109, VPB-123, VPB-124, VP-HL-4, VP-HL-13, VP-24, & VP-25)...Scott C. Pedersen scott_pedersen@sdstate.edu, - Department of Biology - South Dakota State University - Brookings, SD USA 57007-0595 - 605-688-5529 - 605-696-0108..."

Five years ago, I wrote a short article on BATs that have appeared on cloth insignia. That project launched me into a major research/writing effort concerning the history of the PELICAN and BAT missile projects. I would like very much to talk with any aircrew that operated the BAT (VP-24's namesake). Certainly, crews carried the brunt of post-war testing and I would sincerely appreciate any and all information that can throw my way!

    1)  There are great discrepancies between official and unofficial reports of the effectiveness of the weapon during its testing phase (before and after the war). I'd love to hear some first-hand observations from the post-war tests (1948-1951).

    2)  I'm greatly interested in acquiring additional PHOTOS of the BAT. My collection is nearing 200 photographs, but these are primarily official (stock) photos. I would greatly like to include un-official photos in this book effort that show personnel, crews, and aircraft that flew the BAT.

    3)  Do any Shipmates remember dropping this device against icebergs in the north Atlantic.
If you would like to share any stories concerning this important piece of history, please send me an email, or provide a phone numbers. It's my dime.

Note NOTICE: "...Gentlemen: I represent the Stillwater Airport Memorial Museum of Stillwater, Oklahoma. For your information, our airfield was a storage and disposal site for 82 PB4Y-1's, (approximately a third of the total naval inventory of this particular type of aircraft), immediately after World War Two. Please be informed that for over the past eight years I have been writing a book about all of the 475 combat aircraft that were scrapped at Searcy Field. I am in the final stages of preparation of my book. Unfortunately, I'm lacking information and photographs concerning many of the Navy Liberators that were flown to Stillwater including: BUNO/SQUADRON: 31974 VF-4, 31986 VD-3, VMD-254, 32030 VB-103 VPB-105, 32041 VPB-105, 31991 VB-109, 32106 VD-1 VPB-197, VD-3, 32130 VB-109 VPB-121, 32133 VMD-254, 32152 VB-106 VPB-109, 32154 VB-106 VPB-109, 32156 VB-200 VPB-122, 32158 VD-3, 32232 VMD-254, 32311 VD-1, 32314 VD-1 VPB-122, 38970 VPB-103 VPB-114 VPB-117 , 46735 VPB-104 VPB-143, 65303 VB-112, VB-114, 65311 VPB-113, 65313 VPB-113, 65314 VPB-103 VPB-114, 65384 VPB-113, 65392 VPB-114, 65393 VPB-103 VPB-114, 65394 VPB-103 VPB-114, 90132 VPB-103 VPB-114, 90135 VPB-103 VPB-114, 90467 VPB-114, 90468 VPB-114, 90469 VPB-114, 90474 VPB-103 VPB-114. Any assistance you can give my organization will be greatly appreciated! Thank you. Sincerely, John L. Dienst, Curator (Emeritus), Stillwater Regional Airport Museum, 20365 Lorain Road B-7, Fairview Park, Ohio 44126...John L. Dienst Dienst@hotmail.com..." [Home Address updated 03MAR2004 | 13JAN2000]

Note NOTICE REMOVED PER REQUEST [Updated 10JUN2018 | 03MAY2001]

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