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MishapsMISHAPs: 03 APR 44 A/C: PBM-3D Marina Location: NAS Alameda, California Strike: No BUNO: 45226 Cause: Taxied into chanell marker bouy; Minor damage Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [Updated 13OCT2003 | 25SEP98]

Aircraft Accident Card #44-12873
Aircraft: PBM-3D BUNO: 45226
Squadron VP-19
Date: 3 Apr 1944
Location: Nas Alameda
Type: Area familiarization

Pilot made final landing preparatory to returning to the seaplane lagoon. The landing was on a SE course into the wind. Wind was 7 knots. After landing while making preparations for making the ramp, the pilot allowed his plane to taxi towards a channel marker buoy. Pilot saw the buoy to late to avoid collision.

Damage: Leading edge of port wing damaged. necessitating wing change.


Crew OK
Pilot Arthur A. Harshbarger, AVN USNR
ENS W. J. Davis (co-pilot), AVN USNR
LT(jg) R. M. Nason, AVN USNR
AMM1 R. B. James
AMM3 J. R. Freeman
ARM1 A. J. Paulic
ARM2 R. H. Niegel
AOM3 R. S. Randolph
S1 F. C. Smiok
S1 W. A. O'Neill
S1 E. W. Stanton

MishapsMISHAPs: 22 OCT 44 A/C: PBM-3DMarina Location: Unknown Strike: Yes BUNO: 45287 Deaths: 10/KILLED,1/SERIOUS Cause: COMBAT AIR PATROL:ENG FAILURE, FORCE LANDED Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [16MAR98]

UPDATE "...PBM-3D: 45287: Hawaii area; 21-57N 158-09W Crew; Pilot. Lt. Grady Lamar Mullins/Killed, Lt(jg). Norman A. Taylor/Killed, Aom1c. Arthur C. Foust/Killed, Arm1c. William W.Herlihey/Killed, Amm3c. Rudolph J.Rozman/Killed, Amm1c. Odie E.Williams,Jr/Killed, Amm3c. Clarence R.Garwood/Killed, Amm1c. John F.Wall/Killed, Arm3c. Clifford S.Sonon/Killed, and Amm3c. Lawerence R.Hunswell/Seriously inj..." Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [02JAN2001]

MishapsMISHAPs: 06 JUL 45 A/C: PBM-5 Marina Location: PT Strike: Yes BUNO: 59153 CAUSE: BAD WEATHER Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [30MAR98]

MishapsMISHAPs: 23 DEC 45 A/C: PBM-5 Marina Location: 4mi. ACROSS LAGOON AN ONTO CORAL REEF 1mi. N, CARLSON ISL. Strike: Yes BUNO: 59108 CAUSE: MOORING CABLE BROKE,DRIFTED Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [30MAR98]


MishapsMISHAPs: 00 JAN 54 A/C: P2V-5 P Neptune VP-19 Mishap ThumbnailCamera Location: Santa Barbara California Strike: No BUNO: Unknown CAUSE: CH-10 after an emergency landing at the Santa Barbara California airport, which resulted in a blown tire and the aircraft running off the runway. CH-10's unhappy landing was caused by loss of the starboad engine. Note the feathered prop. Contributed by BRYANT, AO1 Ted tedconnieb@comcast.net [15OCT2003]

MishapsMISHAPs: 04 SEP 54 A/C: P2V-5 P Neptune LOCATION: Sea of Japan - 40 miles off the coast of Siberia TYPE: Shot Down STRIKE: Yes DEATHS: 01 BUNO: Unknown CAUSE: Attacked by two MiG aircraft and forced to ditch. Routine reconnaissance over international waters. Nine of the crew escaped and were later rescued but one went down with the plane. http://www.history.navy.mil/faqs/faq56-1.htm [26DEC97]

WebSite: POW-MIA http://www.aiipowmia.com/koreacw/cw1.html [23MAR2005]

September 4, 1954: US Navy Aircraft Lost Off Siberian Coast
Aircraft: US Navy P2V Neptune
Crew-10 (1 Missing - 9 Survivors)

Description: This aircraft was shot down by Soviet fighters approximately 40 miles off the Siberian coast. The aircraft's navigator was missing and presumed dead; the 9 other crewmembers were rescued from teh water by US forces. The Soviet Union charged the plane had enetered Soviet airspace and fired on Soviet aircraft, charges rejected by the United States.


ENSIGN Roger Henry REID (Navigator)


CDR John Booth WAYNE (Pilot)
ENSIGN John Charles FISHER (Co-Pilot)
ADAN William Albert BEDARD
AD3 Frank Edgar PETTY
ATAN Anthony Peter GRANERA
AT3 Texas Red STONE
AT1 David Allen ATWELL

UPDATE "...My father, CDR John Booth WAYNE, was the pilot of VP-19's P2V Neptune that was shot down over the Sea of Japan by Russian Migs during The Cold War on September 4th, 1954. Does anyone have a story to share or know the whereabouts of Ensign Reid's widow?..." Contributed by Catherine Tanner cathy.tanner6546@gmail.com.." [06MAR2015]

UPDATE "...My father, ADC Paul Roger Mulhollem, was aboard VP-19 P2V Neptune that was shot down over the Sea of Japan by Russian Migs during The Cold War on September 4th, 1954. 10 were aboard, 9 survived and ENSIGN Paul Reid, who we consider a hero, was lost when he push out "another life raft" and "ordered" my dad out of the sinking plane. He said "Get out Chief - that's an order" and as he did so relunctantly, the plane went down "like a rock" taking ENSIGN Paul Reid with it. We have been in touch with the Pilot's daughter, who was also looking for answers about ENSIGN Paul Reid, and the whereabouts of his surviving family members. I recently (yesterday) received an answer to an e-mail from one of his rescuers' (although ordered back due to too many Russian Migs being in the area) remembers the incident well, and gave me an address listed in a Ship's records (found in the ships book called "A Tale of a Tiger") as 3220 Burlington Blvd, Arlington Virginia. If anyone has a copy of the book, the daughter of Captain John Wayne (yes that was his name) would like to know about it. So please email me if you have any information that would allow her and us (Britts Mom is still living in Oceanside, CA age 94 and of sound mind, and body, golfing as often as she can find a partner) to thank the family of ENSIGN Paul Reid for saving ADC Paul Roger Mulhollem's life..." Contributed by Britt McKinley Mulhollem wb4gad@cox.net.." [04MAR2015]

UPDATE "...04SEP54 - A USN P2V-5 of VP-19, operating from NAS Atsugi, Japan was attacked 40 miles off the coast of Siberia by two Soviet MiG-15s. The aircraft ditched and one crewmember, Roger H. Reid was lost. The other crewmembers, John B. Wayne, John C. Fischer, William A. Bedard, Frank E. Petty, Anthony P. Granera, Texas R. Stone, Paul R. Mulmollem, Ernest L. Pinkevich and David A. Atwell were rescued by a USAF SA-16 amphibian..." Website: Aircraft Downed During the Cold War and Thereafter http://www.silent-warriors.com/shootdown_list.html [20FEB2003]

UPDATE "...TO: LCDR Harvey Henning, USN (Ret.)...Dear Sir: I am the son of Paul Roger Mulhollem, a survivor of the P2V shot down by two Russian Migs in 1954. I noticed on the 'guestbook' page that you posted some info regarding the 'shoot down' . Just wanted to correct some of the details. As luck would have it, I received in the mail this VERY morning a large envelope from my mother Mary Mulhollem who still lives in Oceanside Calif. with many news reports, pictures ,interviews and clippings in regard to my Dad's plane being shotdown! so I feel confident that I have the correct info. There were a total of 10 crewmembers, one was lost (drowned) leaving nine survivors,one of which was my father. I was only 7 at the time but remember it well, as the media interviewed my mother, and later my dad frequently.! The lost crewman's name was John Henry Reid,(the newspaper also calls him Roger, but the middle name is definitely Henry! His wife's name was Patricia according to the Times Star, an Alameda Calif newspaper (I was born in Alameda) My wife and I were discussing the details of the 'shootdown' and wonder why Ensign Reid was not decorated postumously for bravery, as we are pretty sure that he saved my father's life, and possibly the other's too.as he tried to the very last moment to push a life raft out to them! The articles vary on some of the accounts, but each one states clearly the Ensigns last words, and that was "Get Out Chief!" my Dad was Chief Petty Officer, and was trying desparately to get another raft (they had only a small flimsy one!) Ensign Reid remained inside the plane to try to push the raft out to my Dad (who was already in the water) but at some point must have realized that the plane was going under , and fast! My dad responded to the urging of Ensign Reid, and backed away from the plane, just in time to swim clear before the plane went down, he later said "It went down in about 30-40 seconds, it went down like a Rock!" when they looked for Ensign Reid, he was gone. He obviously could have left the doomed plane, and swam to safety of the little raft, but chose to stay and try to release the larger safer raft, giving them a better chance to survive. We feel he should be recognized and his family should know that he indeed was a hero to my Dad, and I have no idea if the other crew members consider him to be the hero my dad did, but all you have to do is read the accounts, and you could only come to one conclusion! Ensign Reid died a hero! and I think his family should know it! If you have any suggestions as to getting in touch with the other surviving crewmembers,or his family (if any!) I would appreciate it. My Dad passed away in 1985, but I know this is something he would love to be a part of ,if he could! Britt McKinley Mulhollem Do not now if this would be of interest but my Mother included along with the clippings from newspapers , a handwritten note that my father wrote, listing the names of the crewmembers from the airforce crew who rescued him and his crewmates,from the freezing Siberian waters! HIS NOTE SIMPLY LISTS THE NAMES FOUND BELOW AND A SHORT NOTE STATING "CREW WHO PICKED ME UP OFF OF SIBERIA SEPT. 5 1954 @ 0700 SHOTDOWN BY RUSSIAN MIGS AT 1816 HRS. SEPT 4 1954" 39th H.R.S APO 75 (spelling?) HSOHIYA A.B. JAPAN. Capt. KNUPPENBURG,HARVEY H.. 2 /LT.JOHNSON, ALLEN C., 1/LT.BROWN , CHARLES L., S/SGT.WILKERSON, BILLY J., A/1C.FINDLEY, ROBERT L., and A/3C.NEAL, CURTIS. I think he intended to personally thank each one of these men, and I do not know if he ever got that chance, I would like to do so, on his behalf, and for that of my mother and myself. Anyone knowing any of these men please contact me at Britt McKinley Mulhollem wb4gad@cox.net.." [10JUL2000]

UPDATE Shipmate Pix "...In Memorium Ensign Roger N. Reid, USNR..." Contributed by Harvey Henning LCDR USN(ret). harvhenn@erols.com [18JUN2000]

UPDATE "...I was Plane Captain of Crew 11 in NAS Atsugi, Japan in 1954 when our Captain's plane was shot down. Our crew was on standby and were sent out to drop life rafts to survivors, but because of numerous Russian aircraft in the area we were ordered to return to base..." Contributed by Royce Shepherd AD2 shepbuil@windstream.net [14AUG98]

MishapsMISHAPs: 00 OCT 57 A/C: P2V-5 P Neptune Location: NAS Adak, Alaska Strike: Unknown BUNO: Unknown CAUSE: Aircraft landed hard, porpoised, collapsed nose gear and damaged props. In an attempt to take ii around, the aircraft ended up in the water off the end of the runway. I do not remember for sure but 3 or 4 of the crewmembers did not survive. Contributed by STOCK, Merlyn mlstock_tx@hotmail.com [17DEC2001]


MishapsMISHAPs: 09 APR 66 A/C: P3 P3 Orion LOCATION: Noris TYPE: Collision Water STRIKE: Yes DEATHS: 11 BUNO: 152171 CAUSE: AutoPilot Poss

UPDATE "...My father was killed in the VP-19 P-3A accident on April 9, 1966. He was Navigator LT(jg) Donald Ray Puterbaugh. There were no bodies recovered from this accident. The accident occured during ASW training exercises at sea south of San Diego, Ca. I was 5 years old at the time, but still remember him taking me aboard his plane and showing me what he did. I was and still am very proud of him and ended up following him into the Navy...Thomas Puterbaugh puterbau@spawar.navy.mil..." [20APR2004]

MishapsMISHAPs: 04 JUL 66 A/C: P3 P3 Orion LOCATION: Michigan TYPE: Collision Ground STRIKE: Yes DEATHS: 04 BUNO: 152172 CAUSE: Undetermined

UPDATE "...In reading the "VPI Book of Remembrance Accident List" I saw only one name. The four men lost in the accident were: Lt. W.E. Xiques; Lt. John P. Fitzmaurice; ADJ2 Charles J. Lurvey; and ADJ3 Larry W. Battson. I had flown with these shipmates and was to have been picked up at the Naval Air Station, Glenview, IL. We were waiting in front of operations when notified that Chicago Center had lost the P3 on its radar. I was also a member of the accident investigating team. I have verifiable information if needed..." Contributed by Robert L. Kennedy rlkenned@earthlink.net [11JUL2001]

UPDATE "...Under blue skies and light winds, 150 USN aircrew were inducted into the VP International Book of Remembrance during a ceremony held at the VPI Memorial at CFB Greenwood, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Except for the USN aircrew who died in the Mishaps identified below, we believe that the Book of Remembrance contains the names of all Maritime Patrol aircrew who died during MP flying duties since 1 January 1947. The names of 1602 aircrew are recorded.

We ask all visitors to this site to review these Mishaps and if possible provide us with names so that they may be recorded in the Book of Remembrance:

11 May 64/VP-7/P2V/10 fatalities/ Rota Spain
27 Jul 65/VP-16/P-3/4 fatalities/ Bermuda/BuNo 151380

We have identified two aircrew for the following Mishaps:

27 Jan 59/VP-56/P5M/4 fatalities/ Willoughby Bay, Virginia/ CDR R.J. Murphy
4 Jul 66/VP-19/P-3A/4 fatalities/ Battle Creek, Michigan/BuNo 152172, PE-5/LT W.E.Xiques

Please send any information to Norm Donovan n.don@ns.sympatico.ca, VPI Compiler..." [18OCT2000]

MishapsMISHAPs: 13 FEB 69 A/C: P3 P3 Orion LOCATION: Moffet TYPE: Engine Explosion STRIKE: No DEATHS: 00 BUNO: 153456 CAUSE: Turbine Failure

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