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Note NOTICE: "...Letter to the Batmen of VP-24, and other VP's who operated the BAT missile (VPB-109, VPB-123, VPB-124, VP-HL-4, VP-HL-13, VP-24, & VP-25)...Scott C. Pedersen scott_pedersen@sdstate.edu, - Department of Biology - South Dakota State University - Brookings, SD USA 57007-0595 - 605-688-5529 - 605-696-0108..."

Five years ago, I wrote a short article on BATs that have appeared on cloth insignia. That project launched me into a major research/writing effort concerning the history of the PELICAN and BAT missile projects. I would like very much to talk with any aircrew that operated the BAT (VP-24's namesake). Certainly, crews carried the brunt of post-war testing and I would sincerely appreciate any and all information that can throw my way!

    1)  There are great discrepancies between official and unofficial reports of the effectiveness of the weapon during its testing phase (before and after the war). I'd love to hear some first-hand observations from the post-war tests (1948-1951).

    2)  I'm greatly interested in acquiring additional PHOTOS of the BAT. My collection is nearing 200 photographs, but these are primarily official (stock) photos. I would greatly like to include un-official photos in this book effort that show personnel, crews, and aircraft that flew the BAT.

    3)  Do any Shipmates remember dropping this device against icebergs in the north Atlantic.
If you would like to share any stories concerning this important piece of history, please send me an email, or provide a phone numbers. It's my dime.

Note NOTICE: "...My father was a member of VPB-207 and VP-25 during WW2. My father was Kenneth Gage Macaulay passed away 16 September 1994. I know he was very proud of his service life... If anyone knew my Father or has any information they would like to share - please e-mail me. Thanks... Respectfully: ATC(AW) David A. Macaulay xpc01@voicenet.com, Patron 64, NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania...."

UPDATE 28JAN98-"...When I called my dad he remembered Kenny Macaulay very well and he had a very poignant story to relate. If Mr. Macaulay is who he remembers he was involved in an incident during the second invasion of the Phillipines that may be very interesting to his son. Seems Kenny and another pilot were taking off from Mindora when they hit a reef. The aircraft broke up and was burning. Kenny and all hands got out but the other pilot had a foot trapped under the rudder pedals. Kenny tried valiently to get him out but was unsuccessful. He was deeply troubled by this and never really got over it. He couldn't sleep and would wakeup screaming for the lost man. I sent this information to Mr. Macaulay's son...Tim Whaylen Timamcdlh@aol.com..."

Note NOTICE: "...My father John Meyer was with VPB-25 and VP-41 in the Pacific from June to October, 1945. he was a Lt. (jg) and flew PBM-5's with other Shipmates: En. Kohr, Overkop, Fonoroni, Cpt. Rone, Lt. Conway, Eng. Durante, Lt. MArsh, Duerkpr, Lt. Whitt, Lt. Peters, and Kurzt. He flew in and around Hoi How; Jinomoc; Subic; Necke Isle; Hainian Straight; Hong Kong; Swaton; Sangley; and Lingayen. I am looking for ANY and All information about him or his Shipmates...Michael Meyer hd72@excite.com ..." [02JAN2000]


"...Crew mates as of 2/21/45: Kohr, Curtis M. - Lt. Cdr., Duerko, R. W. - Ens., Makowski, Theodore F. - Captain, McConnell, Robert, W. - Flight Eng., Ludlum, Lester J. Radioman - ARM3c, Koos, Albert J. Radar Operator - ARM S1c, Boliman, Albert W. Bow Gunner - AOM3c, Ricciardi, Robert G. Waist Gunner - AOMc, Wolpert, Charles H. - Tail Gunner AOM S1c, Wilson, Charles F. - AOM S1c, and Kurz, W. G. - AMM2c. The others I mentioned are those listed in his flight log and crew members of specific campaigns and flights, but I believe this is the crew thought out this time in the Pacific. If ANYONE has any information - please contact me!..."

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