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ReunionsREUNIONs: "...We are having, maybe the last VPB-27 Reunion in Arlington, Tx. April 24-26, 2008 at the LaQuinta Motel. For more information contact me at 817-265-8929. We are trying to get the XO Walter McGuire's Granddaughter to attend..." Contributed by HERBERT, Hansel Kay lkherbert@sbcglobal.net [29MAR2008]

ReunionsREUNIONs: "...There is to be a Reunion October 7 through 9, 2004, in Winston-Salem, NC. This is the 60th Anniversary of the estblishment of VP-27. We are making planes for a realy BIG Reunion. George Toler, AMM3/c Crew #5 Chairman, PO Box 66, (336)969-5888, Rural Hall, NC 27045...George Toler gtoler@intrex.net..." [29AUG2003]

ReunionsREUNIONs: "...VPB-27 Reunion Group..." [18NOV2000]

August 14, 2000

We have just about the right amount of time to squeeze in one more letter before the St Louis Reunion. I was expecting to be able to add some numbers to the list of attendees, but our bodies are wearing out and not many are willing to press their luck.

For some unknown reason/reasons undeliverable email resulted in erroneous information leaving here and I would like to correct it:

E-mail: Reinstate Rasmussen's address. rrras@hsnp.com
New address: Chuck Lane: chucker3@pacbell.net

Some information about the reunion activities that Chairman Moreland has laid on for us:

Ready-room will furnish mixers for a BYOB atmosphere. If you arrive from one of the dry states and unable to BYOB it is nice to note that there is a cash bar adjacent to the Ready-room.

Chairman Moreland is furnishing a keg (maybe more) of beer. Maybe someone will put down a galvanized bucket for donors to help defray his expense..

Your registration fee covers the reunion handouts, including a coffee mug bearing the adopted squadron logo, lanyard with badge card holders and other items. The durable stuff will also be retail sale items that were purchased hoping that some extras would be considered nice to carry home.

Jim Dickensheets, Crew 14, who is the Co-Chairman, tells me that there has been an inordinate amount of interest in a golf get-together at the reunion. If you are a golfer, remember to bring your clubs.

The banquet is a planned affair aside from the hotel's usual food procurement programs and the chairman and co-chairman are committed to advising the hotel of the number of people attending the reunion banquet a full week prior to the reunion so that the menu can be planned.. Some who are planning on being there have simply not sent Dickensheets the fees for the banquet. The list of people attending the banquet must be finalized prior to arrival and last minute seating will be improbable. One or maybe two can squeak by but why risk it? Send in your money now..

If you've put off making a hotel reservation at the St Louis Double Tree Inn their local telephone number is (814) 298-8400, ask for "Reservations". No big deal, just tell them that you're with the VPB-27 Reunion Group and you desire the special rate. The reunion dates, again, are September 28, 29 & 3Oth.

Late word from Merle Fidler informs us that Andrew B. Allen AMMF 1/c (Plane Captain of Crew 9) died in May 2000.

Keep strokin'

Members "Planning" To Attend:

Crew 1 Mendoza, Artie
Crew 1 Miller, William H.
Crew 1 Swanda, Al
Crew 1 Thompson, Buck
Crew 1 Wentzel, Dick
Crew 2 Christopher, Jack
Crew 2 Ferrall, Bill
Crew 2 Tschida, Wally
Crew 2 Woodson, J.J.
Crew 4 Puvogel, Austin
Crew 5 Byerly, Wayne
Crew 5 Toler, George
Crew 5 Turner, Seth
Crew 6/15 KingsbuIy, Allan
Crew 7 Culver, Bob
Crew 8 Hall, Jim
Crew 9 Fidler, Merle
Crew 9 Rasmussen, Ralph
Crew 10 Dunbar, Boyd
Crew 10 Fink, David
Crew 10 Neal, Max
Crew 11 Freeman, Charlie
Crew 11 Miller, William
Crew 11 Squier, Jim
Crew 11 Walland, Frank
Crew 12 Bradford, Al
Crew 12 Cooper, Irv
Crew 14 Boyd, Andy
Crew 14 Dickensheets, Jim
Crew 14 Propheter, Fred
Crew 14 Raymond, Ed
Crew 15/3 Woodruff, Ken
Crew 18 Cross, Johnny
Crew 18 Dunn, David
Crew 18 Weidinger, Pat
Crew 14 Hushbeck, Evan
Crew UNK Gingrich, Dick
Crew UNK Moreland, Stephen
Crew UNK O'Dowd, John

ReunionsREUNIONs: "...San Francisco 20-24 May 1999 for PB4Y '99. Liberator and Privateer guys/gals, attend your own squadron reunion first. If you can't do that, then make good use of your limited time as many others have from the 50+ PB4Y squadrons and share those PB4Y Experiences with others who "speak" PB4Y. No translation necessary! All family, grandkids (Free & 1/2 price!) and friends are welcome! Please contact Ron Sathre (son of deceased Plane Captain Ray Sathre, VPB-121), Int'l PB4Y Association, 31262 San Andreas Drive, Union City, CA 94587-2856 (510) 487-PB4Y to register today. Visit the website for more information..." Contributed by PB4YGuy@aol.com WebSite: http://www.PB4Y.com [03MAY99]


ReunionsREUNIONs: "VPB-27 Reunion Group (mostly 1944-45) is planning a reunion for 2000. Details are due out shortly. For information, our point of contact is: Reunion Chairman, Stephen Moreland, 2070 Quarry Road, O'Fallon, Illinois 62269 (618)632-7227..." Contributed by Evan Hushbeck hush@foothill.net via Wayne Byerly pizwilli@bledsoe.net [Updated 15JUL99 | 01MAY99]

ReunionsREUNIONs: "VPB-27 Reunion Group (mostly 1944-45)is planning a reunion for 1998. Details are due out shortly. For information, our point of contact is Wayne Byerly, Rt. 1 Box 159-A, Pikeville TN 37367, Tel. 423-533-2096 or e-mail at pizwilli@bledsoe.net..." Contributed by Evan Hushbeck hush@foothill.net [Updated 11JAN98]

"...The reunion was held in San Diego. The affair was enjoyed by all!..." Contributed by Wayne Byerly pizwilli@bledsoe.net

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