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VP LogosLOGOs: VP-33 Patch ThumbnailCameraVP-33 Patch "...I recently discovered this VP-33 drawing in my Dad's (ANDERSON, CAPTAIN F. P.) papers. The drawing is about 7 inches across..." Contributed by Colonel Bill Anderson, Retired windtree4@comcast.net [28MAR2011]

VP LogosLOGOs: VP-33 Logo ThumbnailCameraVP-33 [14JUN99]

UPDATE "... Designated: 1 April 1942 Nickname: None Listed Former Designation: None Listed Later Designation: VPB-33 Approved: 17 April 1944 Discontinued: 7 April 1945 Reason: Squadron decommissioned Photo No: 10-29 Significance: Black cat, armed with telescope and depth charge, and superimposed on an enlarged cat's eye, to designate one of the "Black Cat" squadrons. Colors: Field - black; Eye - orange and lemon yellow; Cat - black; Ear lining, eyelid, eyeball - yellow; Pupil - green; Telescope - blue and white; Depth charge - light blue with black markings. Recoord Location: Wash. Record Center Job No: 62-A-2151 File: VPB-33 Box: 2 of 5..." Contributed by Mick Nussbaum (Insignia Historian) T45_nditech@yahoo.com

VP LogosLOGOs: VP-33 Patch ThumbnailCameraVP-33 Patch Contributed by Jay Broze vjb2@classic.msn.com

VP LogosLOGOs: Logo ThumbnailCameraVP-33 Logo Contributed by Al Mark catdrg1@netscape.net via "Squiz" squiz@mail.newnanutilities.org [23MAY99]

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