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CLEMONS, David busparts@yahoo.com "...I was TAR in VP-0122, VP-4046, working in VP-69's hangar at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington, from summer 1982 to august 1985. Then back to VP land with VP-11, now active duty from fall 1989 to summer 1992..." [23APR98]

CORWIN, AOC Ed Retired B9236@aol.com "...I was an original plank owner with VP-60 (November 1970) prior to VP-60 I was with VP-726 January 1959. Originating from Columbus, Ohio with FASRON-695. I retired in 1986 with a total of reserve and active duty of 42 yr. 6 mo. Looking for more Shipmates from NAS Glenview, Illinois. Was at NAS Glenview, Illinois and served in VP-70V-1, VP-1013 and VP-4046 before final transfer to VP-60. Would like to hear from shipmates of VP-60..." [07JUL2001]

JACOBS, CAPTAIN Francis T. "Ted" Retired tedjacobs@centurytel.net "...Wings of Gold on December 14, 1968, VT-3 (Instruction) at NAS Whiting Field, Milton, Florida from January 1969 to December 1970, VP-44 at NAS Brunswick, Maine from September 1971 to December 1973 (1st LT, ORD, AV/WEPS & QA Div Off) with deployed to NS Rota, Spain, NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal and NAS Bermuda, Naval Reserve VP-60 at NAS Glenview, Illinois from January 1974 to August 1982 (first P-3 in VP-60 still had my name on side from VP-44), Commanding Officer NR VP-4046 / VP-0122 from January 1983 to September 1984 (Last flight in P-3 September 19, 1984), Commanding Officer NR NAS Midway Island and Commanding Officer NR Mobile Maintenance Facility. I was recall to active duty, NMPC special projects for RADM Borda in 1990 and retired September 1993. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [09JUN2010]

LeCOMPTE, CDR Malcolm A. Retired malecompte@aol.com "...Originally an EA-6B ECMO, cruised with VAQ-136 on the USS Kitty Hawk in 1974, I affiliated with the reserves as a TAC-NAV assigned to VP-4046 out of NAS Glenview, Illinois, from March 1980 to October 1981. I was attached to VP-90 also at NAS Glenview, Illinois. I did two cruises with the Squadron to the PI and one to NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii, before transferring to VP-92 at NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts, where I flew with CAC-5 during two cruises to the NAF Lajes, Azores, Portugal and one to NAS Bermuda. I was with VP-92 until the Spring of 1987 when I transferred to VP-93. In VP-93 I flew with CAC-6 until summer 1991, making two cruises to NS Rota, Spain. I retired from the Naval War College Reserve Support Unit in October 1998..." [22MAY2010]

STRADLEY, AW1 Mike m_stradley@unidial.com "...I was assigned to VP-46 from 82- 85, as an AW. Continued with VP-SAU (VP-4046) & VP-MAU from 85 to the decommissioning in 91. Needing to find a home, I joined the Washington Air National Guard. In 1995, I received my commission and am now a full time AGR working at McChord AFB as a Weapons Controller..." [13JAN99]

YEATMAN, Bill imawsumbilly@yahoo.com "...I served with VP-4046 (1983-1987) with deployments to NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone, Japan and NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii..." [08DEC2014]

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