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Crew 5

VP CrewCREWs: History ThumbnailCameraVPB-53 Crew 5 "...Circa 1945 - I have been in touch with another VPB-53 pilot and he thinks the crew shot in front of the plane - the last in the series I sent - was Walter Calhoun's crew. I think the crew was #5. The picture was taken at Samar. Susan Scott (John Scott's daughter) sscottie48@wmconnect.com..." [24FEB2007]

Crew Unknown

VP CrewCREWs: VP-53 Crew ThumbnailCameraVP-53 Crew "...PBY F63 and the names listed on the back are: Wood, Pedatella, Hodgson, Wierle, Holleman, Sharer, Kimmler, Cobb and Barnaw..." Contributed PEDATELLA, AOM2 Alfonso (Fro) forwarded by Ronald A. Pedatella rpedatella@hflenz.com [10FEB2004]

VP CrewCREWs: VP-53 Crew  ThumbnailCameraVP-53 Crew "...I found a few of my Dad's (Oliver C. Cope) photos from VP-53. I believe these were taken in the Marshall Islands, but I'm not positive..." Contributed by Gregory R. Cope copefamily@mindspring.com [11AUG2001]

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