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Circa 1939

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: "...The origin of VP-61 may have been as indicated. At NAS Alameda, California 1939, however the VP-61 which is covered in this web site was commissioned as VD-5. In WWII last serving in te pacific at Agana. The squadron left Agana in 1946 and went briefly to NAS Alameda, California and then to NAS North Island, San Diego, California. In early 1947 they went to NAS Miramar/MCAS Kearny Mesa. Sometime at the end of 1946 VD-5 was redesignated VPP-1 and still operating with PB4Y1Ps and continued to be stationed at NAS Miramar. In 1951 they were redesignated VP-61 then redsignated VJ-61. With the arrival of the AJ2P it was redesignated VAP-61. The squadron was composed of PB4Y1Ps, AJ2Ps and of course the SNBs. One more small item the squadron patch or logo came into existance in the early 1950s. There was a real Goose kept in a pen very near the old nose hangar we moved into then. That goose was named VIP and could make more noise than the aircraft. PS-old VIP was much harassed by everyone at all times day and night especially the mid watch on the flight line..." Contributed by Joe W. Parker, Jr PHOM3C PH1/AF1---LCDR Retired helenjoepar@webtv.net [10MAR2000]

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