VPNAVY Operation Poppy by Captain Edward M. Brittingham
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VP ModelsMODELs: VP-69 P2V-7 Neptune 1/72 Model Historic Aviation: Made of Philippine mahogany, this 1/72 scale model measures 16" in length and has a wingspan of 17". Hand painted and detailed, model comes ready to display on the included mahogany base. .....#0009361 $129.00 [15AUG2001]

VP ModelsMODELs: VP-64 P2 ThumbnailVP-69 P2V-7 BUNO: Unknown (BattleZone Aircraft Models) http://www.military-patches.com/models/acmodls3.htm [05JUL98]

VP ModelsMODELs: VP-69 P2 ThumbnailP2V-7 Neptune - VP-69 BUNO: 147967 (World-class airplane models) http://www.warplanes.com/Props.htm

VP ModelsMODELs: Decal Kits ThumbnailModel decals, VP Aircraft, etc. are available for: VP-4, VP-6, VP-8, VP-14, VP-31, VP-42, VP-45, VP-67, VP-47, VP-49, VP-50, VP-60, VP-64, VP-69, VP-60, VQ-1, Plus more! (MIKE'S HOBBY SHACK) http://mkhobbyshack.bizland.com/ [12AUG99]

VP ModelsVP Model Summary "...I have an extra 1/72 Hasegawa P-3-C Orion w/ VP-19 decals and a resin conversion set and decals for an EP-3E a/c #148888 "VQ-2", EP-3E a/c #150494 "VQ-2, or P-3E a/c #152177 "VP-69". I would like to sell this model kit to a VP veteran where I know it will be built and displayed with pride...Please contact me if you are interested..." m2eagle1@mindspring.com [02APR2000]

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