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Circa 1970

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: "...Circa 1970...Flying the PBM, VP-731 reported to COMNAVAIRPAC for active duty on 2 October 1960. The Squadron completed two WESTPAC tours and began a third during the Korean conflict. For its operations in the Korea and Formosa patrol areas, VP-731 was awarded the Korean Presidential Unit Citation. On February 1953, VP-731 as redesignated VP-48. Presently, the primary mission of VP-48 is to conduct prompt and sustained all-weather ASW operations, seek out and destroy enemy submarines, protect friendly surface units at sea, and protect fixed geographical water areas. The Squadorn's secondary mission is to conduct aerial minelaying, pro-submarine operations, naval reconnaissance, and limited commerce destruction. VP-48 changed home port to NAS Moffett Field, California on 1 November 1966, and began transition to the P-3..." Contributed by Jan Hartman [23MAY2000]

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