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CHOUINARD, ADJ2 Roy V. royvc@uspba.com "...I was a ADJ2 and served with VP-731 AND VP-732. Both of these were Reserve squadrons stationed at NAS Grosse ILE, Michigan. We were called Station Keepers because we were on active duty and spent our time keeping the planes up and running, working with and training the reserves. This included weekend and two week tours. During my year and a half we went to NS Rota, Spain, NAS Norfolk, Virginia, NAS North Island, San Diego, California, covered some Cuba "problems," NAS Glenview, Illinois, and the bases in Boston and New Jersey. I served from 1958 through 1963. The rest of the time I spent at NAS Grosse ILE, Michigan and worked on AD-5 Skyraiders. Seems that all the ADR's were working on jet's and most of the ADJ's were working on Recips (3350). I am proud to have served as a station keeper as we had no P2 accidents and had no injury acident..." [07JUN2002]

DeBERRY, Sanford c/o Renita Chambers rchambers6777@comcast.net "...My Dad, Sanford DeBerry, served with VP-731 Crew 2 From November 1951 to December 1952. He and My Mom are having thier 50th wedding anniversary October 9th, 2004 and I was hoping to locate any or all crew from his squadron. I thought this would be a wonderful suprise for him. If you have any information regarding VP-731 crew 2 please E mail me. My Dad's name is Sanford DeBerry. Thanks..." [18JUN2004]

EICHMAN, Paul phe1931@comcast.net "...I served with VP-731 / VP-48 from 1952 to 1954 with deployments to NS Sangley Point, Philippines and NAS Iwakuni, Japan. I was a friend of the two airman killed in the July 1952 attack..." [E-Mail Updated 21JUN2004 | E-Mail Updated 02APR2002 | 05JUL2000]

JONES, LCDR Thomas N. Retired tnjones55@earthlink.net "...I was a weekend warrier at NAS Grosse ILE, Michigan. As a member of VP-731 was recalled to active duty for the Korean War. We were flown to NAS North Island, San Diego, California were we were assigned 9 PBM-5 Mariner Flying Boats. I was a member of Crew-3. LT William O'Brien was the PPC. When our re-qulaification was complete we flew westward via Hawaii, Johnston Island, NAS Agana, Guam to our base at NS Sangley Point, Philippines. We flew patrols out of NS Sangley Point, Philippines, Buckner Bay, Okinawa, and for a seaplane tender in the Pescadory Island harborwest of Formosa. We also acted as the station A/C at Hong Kong to be available to evacuate Embassy pesonnel if the Chinese decided to invade. When our tour was complete were relieved and headed home. The take off was rough and when airborne found that our wing flaps had to be cranked up manually. When we landed at NAS Agana, Guam, we found that our hill was leaking so we were hauled out. The damage was serious enoujgh that we left SF-3 there and were flown to NAS NBorth Island in Navy (VR) transports. I was then assigned to NAS Pensacola, Florida as an instructor until my active duty times was up..." [10DEC2012]

KAISER, AWCM Thomas III Retired tka107@aol.com "...I was priviledged to fly all positions on the "Pappa-Two-Victor-Five-Fox" with the reserve squadron, VP-731 at NAS Grosse ILE, Michigan in the late fifties and early sixties. A few of us took the classes at NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania and were checked out in all positions except Pilot. We decommissioned and flew our five birds to NAS Alameda, California and transitioned to S2F "Trackers". I left the Navy as an ADR in 1965 and returned in 1969 to S2E "Trackers" and was administratively switched to AW1. We had 136 aircrew at the new navy base at Selfrige Air National Guard Base, Mt Clemens, MI. and supported many Navy training evolutions that, according to the messages, could not occur without the Aircrew of SANG. In 1973 The Navy brought a Rresforon, CVSGR-70, VS73 to SANG and we went into the history books with "The Last of the Great Stoof Drivers" by delivering one of our aircraft to the Naval Air Museum, Pensacola, FL and another to the Yorktown Carrier Museum at Charlotte, NC. VS73 Transitioned to VP-93 in 1976 and I left the squadron (HYT) in 1990 and finished my naval career on March 8, 1998 with The Naval Intel Unit attached to the Michigan Air National Guard, SANG. It was my priviledge to serve with the Best Sailors in the Midwest..." [27APR99]

LAMBERT, Harrell lambert674044@bellsouth.net "...I served with VP-731 (1960)..." [26JAN2015]

Memorial Picture "...LIMBACHER, David L...David L. Limbacher, age 80, of St. George, passed away Wednesday, May 6, 2009, from complications of bone marrow cancer. He was born on January 8, 1929, in Ferndale, Michigan. He served in the US Coast Guard and US Navy during the Korean Conflict. Dave was attached to United States Navy Patrol Squadron VP-731 and flew on a Martin PBM Mariner Seaplane as the radio operator. He attended squadron Reunions and enjoyed visiting with his service buddies. After his Navy service, Dave attended San Diego State University and graduated in 1956, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics. He is a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity..." WebSite: TheSpectrum http://www.thespectrum.com/ [14MAY2009]

Memorial Picture "...LUCE, AM2 Carl F...Dad served with VP-731..." Contributed by Brad Luce trefili@yahoo.com [24JUL2002]


MASSER, Bill "...VP-731 Mr. Bill Masser, 7305 Dolphin, Detroit, MI 48239-1008, 313-565-3135..." http://www.warships1.com/reunion_airgroup.htm [21DEC98]

McDOWELL, James R. jinapals57@yahoo.com "...I am going on 84 years of age and reminiscing about my Naval Experience. I thought about VP-732 / VP-731 where I served as a Naval Reservist. I experienced at a two week reservist experience some flight time and flew with Ed Kennedy in the BlackCats. What a experience. After almost two years of Reserve time I went Active Duty and served for a wee bit over 5 yrs. I attended "A" school at NAS Millington, Tennessee and extended training at NAS Norman, Oklahoma. I later had a Reunion with Ed Kennedy at the YANKEE AIRFORCE at Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Run airport. As well as a lot of great vets and people and their stories. I was assigned NAS Chincoteague, Virginia to serve with VP-24 at that time flying the PB4Y-2 Privateer's at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. VP-24 was known at "Batmen" and Squadron Emblem symbolized the Bat Girl and parachuted Sony Buoy. We experimented with guided bomb. Bomb was cradled into a wing and tail section carrier and dropped (one from each wing) and guided or would seek target - no physical control. The weapon was called the "BAT". NAS Patuxent River, Maryland duty was mostly training and adapting. I attended ABC School at NAS Norfolk, Virginia Fire Fighting Training, qualified for CAC duty (Combat Air Crew) and wore my wings proudly. At NAS Patuxent River, Maryland the Privateer was phased out and we were then operating with a much more advanced aircraft the P2V Neptune, great aircraft. Just prior to moving into the P2V aircraft we had a tour of duty on the International Ice Patrol flying north out of NAS Argentia, Newfoundland, Canada. VP-24 lost a couple aircraft in the Artic - sad time. Weather could be horrific at times and was. But the little White Chapel on the hill did help!..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 19JUL2013 | 22DEC2000]

MORGAN, AE2 Bill Bilmarmor@aol.com "...In July 1958, VP-731 was called into temporary active duty, during a middle east crisis. I was a reservist radioman (AE-2) on board a P2V. The squardron commander was Cdr. L.B. Ulstrom of Battle Creek. We were enroute to our annual two week duty in NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco, when the news of the Marines landing in Lebanon, reached us. As a result we were assigned to the 6th fleet, as back up for existing units in the area. Before we returned to NAS Grosse ILE, Michigan, we had logged many hours flying the Mediterranean. The following year we were back again in the Mediterranean under less stressful circumstances flying out of NS Rota, Spain. I would certainly like to hear from anyone who was part of the squardron during this period. Most if not all, of the reservists were from Michigan and Ohio..." [14JAN2002]

NEUMANN, LCDR Lawrence A. Retired neumannl@snet.net "...I was Ens. Lawrence A. Neumann, Officerin Charge, April 1944 to June 1945 aboard the Landing Craft Tank LCT-898 from LCT-898 I went to staff ADCOM 7th PHIB then to Mare Island Shipyard and separation to INACDU in 1946. In 1950 VP-731 was a reserve squadron activated for the Korean war, I was the electronic officer of VP-731 VP-731 on her first deployment to NS Sangley Point, Philippines in 1951. On return to San Diego I transferred to VU-3 VU-3a (drones) as Assistant Electronic Officer. Next I was sent to FAW-2 FAW-14 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii while at FAW-2 on TAD to VP-6 I supervised upgrading configuration of new P2V-5's for WestPac duty. When the FAW was deployed to WestPac I was detached for having too much time in WestPac and was assigned to FASRON-110 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. My next station was NAS Point Mugu, California as Range Comm Officer. After a tragic accident when family members of VW-2 vw2a were lost on deployment to NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco. I was ordered as a replacement for the man that lost his family. I was designated as a Naval Aviation Observer and I spent 1 1/2 years with VW-2a operating P4M aircraft-1Q aircraft. The VW-2a unit was redesignated as VQ-2 in 1956. I was mustered out in July 1956 and returned to civilian life. I joined the Naval Reserve as an Electronic Officer in VS-837 (NAS Brooklyn, New York). The squadron was recalled to active duty in 1961 for the Berlin Crisis and included a 3 month deployment to NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. On return from NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba I transfered to VP-837 (NAS Brooklyn, New York). I finally retired from reserve duty in 1978 as an LCDR - I was the electronics officer LCDR of VS-837 when we were activated in October 1961. We were deployed to NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in the spring of 1962 for about six weeks. Our squadron was selected for an experimental long legs project at Grumman Aircraft that involved installation of large fuel tanks in the bomb bay. The work was done on site at NAS Floyd Bennett Field, New York. VS-837 was deactivated in June 1962. During my VS-837 active duty I was able to commute to my home in Trumbull, CT on a regular basis. I transferred to VP-837 shortly after deactivation and became a TACCO. On a two weeks activation to NAS Jacksonville, Florida our crew qualified as a fleet B class unit. I continued to drill at FBT until about 1972..." [BIO Updated 24JUN2007 | BIO Updated 24MAY2007 | BIO Updated 29JUL2005 | 17JUL2000]

Memorial Picture "...Memorial ThumbnailCamera E-6 26MAR56 Memorial ThumbnailCameraRetirement 00MAY89 NORCROSS, CDR William Griffin "Bill"...CDR William Griffin "Bill" Norcross, USN (Ret.), was a native of Dallas, TX, where he attained the highest rank in Army ROTC at Adamson High School of Cadet Commanding Officer in his senior year (1949-50). Cadet COL Norcross bypassed an appointment to West Point, fearing the Korean Conflict would be over before he could join the fray. He first attempted to enlist in the U. S. Marine Corps, and was rejected by the Dallas induction-center navy flight surgeon for flat feet, "You can't march," notwithstanding the previous four years of marching in ROTC without difficulty. Undaunted, he attempted to enlist in the U. S. Navy, and was rejected by the very same navy flight surgeon for a bunion, "You won't be able to climb ship ladders." Since he couldn't do anything about flat feet, he had the offending bunion surgically removed, and was inducted into the U. S. Navy at age 17 on 1 November 1950. Following Recruit Training in San Diego, CA, and Aviation Rating Training in NAS Memphis, Tennessee, and NAS Jacksonville, Florida, AOAA Norcross reported to VP-731 (later redesignated VP-48) in NAS North Island, San Diego, California where he flew in PBM Mariner and P5M Marlin seaplanes as a gunner and bombardier out of NAS Iwakuni, Japan, for over four years including dozens of combat missions in Korea, for which he earned the prestigious Air Medal as a combat aircrewman. In 1956, AO1 Norcross reported to NAAS Kingsville, Texas, for two years. Orders to AO "B" School were followed by orders to USS Lake Champlain CVS-39, out of NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island, where he reported in January 1959. On The Champ he participated in successful recovery operations for the first U. S. astronaut, CDR Alan Shepard, and his Mercury capsule. Advanced to Chief Aviation Ordnanceman in November 1960, and commissioned an LDO Ensign in January 1962, Ensign Norcross detached from USS Lake Champlain in March 1962, and attended Aviation Officer Indoctrination at the Naval School of Preflight in NAS Pensacola, Florida, and the Aviation Ordnance Officer Management Course in NAS Jacksonville, Florida, prior to reporting to NAS Dallas, Texas in June 1962, where he advanced to LTJG. After NAS Dallas, Texas, LTJG Norcross served two years as Torpedo Officer at NAS Keflavik, Iceland (1965-67), where he advanced to LT. He then received orders as Officer in Charge of Dare County/Palmetto Point Target Complex at Stumpy Point, NC, training naval aviators from Oceana, VA, for combat duty in Vietnam. Two years later, in May 1969, LT Norcross reported to USS Ranger CVA-61 as Weapons Division Officer. This 38-month tour on the Danger Ranger (which blasted the theme of the Lone Ranger over its loudspeakers while moving in and out of port), out of NAS Alameda, California, included two combat deployments to Vietnam, and promotion to LCDR. In July 1972, LCDR Norcross reported to NAS Lemoore, California, where he served as Weapons Officer for nine months, and Administrative Officer for 17 months. Following various schools, LCDR Norcross assumed command of the Naval Aviation Weapons Facility at Machrihanish, Scotland, in January 1975. LCDR Norcross was the last Commanding Officer at Machrihanish as the command was phased down to caretaker status in March 1976. LCDR Norcross then reported to USS John F. Kennedy CV-67 as Ordnance Officer, making North Atlantic and Mediterranean deployments, and advancing to CDR. After 29 months on the JFK, CDR Norcross took command of Naval Reserve Center, Austin, TX, on 28 September 1978. While in Austin, CDR Norcross applied and was accepted for augmentation into the Unrestricted Line, Designator 1140, Special Operations, as an Expendable Ordnance Management Specialist. Detaching from Austin on 18 October 1980, CDR Norcross reported to Fleet Activities, Sasebo, Japan, as Chief Staff Officer on 6 November 1980. CDR Norcross assumed command of U. S. Naval Magazine, Guam, on 10 June 1982. On 10 April 1985, CDR Norcross was relieved as Commanding Officer of Naval Magazine Guam with orders to report as Commanding Officer, Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center, Abilene, TX, and Naval Reserve Center, Wichita Falls, TX. In October, 1985, CDR Norcross additionally assumed command of the Naval Reserve Center in Lubbock, TX, and the Naval Reserve Facility in Midland, TX. Following retirement in May 1989 at age 56, after 38.5 years service in the regular navy, CDR Norcross graduated from the West Texas Regional Police Academy at age 60, the oldest graduate at the time, finishing second overall, and first in pistol marksmanship. Officer Norcross was an exemplary police officer upholding the highest ideals of police work. CDR Norcross married the former Kitty Gerard of Dallas, in 1952, and has two children, Bill Norcross (50) of Seattle, WA, and Linda Rutherford (47) of Dallas, and three grandchildren, Taylor Rutherford (19) of Dallas, Heather Norcross (19) of Haverhill, MA, and Max Norcross (11) of Seattle. CDR Norcross died suddenly and unexpectedly a month before his 64th birthday of natural causes on 29 November 1996, and is sorely missed by all who knew him. All honor to his name..." Contributed by Bill Norcross bill@loanranger.com [18MAR2004]

OBORNE, Larry lryo@jps.net "...Served in VC-3 from 49-52, VP-731/VP-48, VP-4 and flew P2s at NADC Johnsville..." [E-Mail Updated 12AUG99 | 09AUG99]

PARKER, Howard H. hojo0247@netzero.net "...I served as a station keeping at NAS Grosse ILE, Michigan from June 1950 until September 1951 at which time I volunteered for duty with VP-731 which had been activated for duty during the Korean War. I later was assigned to the USS Pine Island (AV-12) and served in X Division as a PNA2. My closest friend was AM3 who served identical duty with me. I'm looking for anyone who served about that time i n VP-731, or the USS Pine Island (AV-12), NS Sangley Point, Philippines to give me a shout..." [E-Mail Updated 16JAN2007 | 04FEB2006]

QUICK, William (Bill) quick@egyptian.net "...Served with VP-731 second deployment to NAS Iwakuni, Japan in 1951. Was crew member on SF3. Would like to hear from some Shipmates..." [26AUG2002]

RAK, PO3 Gene F. generak@aol.com "...I served with VP-731 and VS-734 (Naval Reserve) at NAS Grosse ILE, Michigan from January 1955 to January 1963. I was a crewmember at ECM, Sonoboy and Radio positions..." [07APR2010]

REINHARDT, LCDR Richard "Dick" Retired rr2mohawk@bendbroadband.com "...Served with VP-47, FASRON-110, VP-731, and VP-48 between 1949 and 1948 as an AL & later AT. Left VP-48 at NAS Iwakuni, Japan for OCS in the Spring of 1958 as an AT1. Later served as a "Black Shoe" in DD's, Cruiser's etc. Currently in Bend Or. Would like to swap a "sea story" or two with any old Shipmates so inclined!..." [E-Mail Updated 30JAN2006 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 20FEB2002 | 30SEP97]

RUSS, Calvin G. "Jerry or Mad Russian" cruss@visuallink.com "...I was a Mech in Crew 4 VP-731 / VP-48 from 1951 to 1955 then flew for Eastern Air lines from 1957 to 1991 as Flight Engineer, Co-pilot, and Captain on the Connie, DC-6, DC-7, Electra, DC-9,and Boeing 757. Happines is finding this site. It's nice to see some more survivers. I'm retired on a lake in Virginia, watching the Ducks swim around. Do I hear a Crew 4 roar?..." [08MAY2004]

Memorial Picture "...SANDER, CAPTAIN Richard E. (Dick)...My Dad, Richard E. (Dick) Sander, served with VP-731/VP-48 from March 1952 to June 1954 (VP-731 became VP-48 in February 1953). (Dick was the PP2P on the 31 Jul 52 Mig shootdown Fox Blue Mission which was able to safely land at Paengnyong-do Korea. Dick passed on in 1997. He retired from the Navy as a Captain in 1978..." Contributed by his Son Jeff Sander jsander@alum.mit.edu [20OCT2003]

SAVAGE, Thomas savpbm@hutchtel.net "...As short as my duty was with VP-731...I would like to hear from fellow shipmates..."

STOLSIG, AT3 Charles A. stolsigcmca@aol.com "...I was an AT3 and joined VP-48 out of AT school at NAS Memphis, Tennessee. Reported to VP-731 at NAS North Island, San Diego, California but there was no VP-731 it was now VP-48. This was February, 1953. Joined SF-11. Transpac to NAS Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in June 1953 for ORI. Completed Transpac to NS Sangley Point, Philippines July 1953. Tour had some exciting moments. End of November 1953 return to NAS North Island, San Diego, California for separation. I would appreciate the Roster in Word. Good to hear from you..." [01SEP2005]

WEITLAUF, Joseph "Fred" fredshighvalley@gmail.com "...I served with VP-731 / VP-48 (1951-1953) and flew with Crew-8..." [30JAN2015]

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