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Contributed by LARSON, LCDR John Retired oriondriver1975@yahoo.com

Note NOTICE: "...Greetings Fellow Lions..." [03OCT2002]

I got the attached pictures from Jerry Lambden, CO 1976.

VP-90 Newsletter Pictures Thumbnail

VP-90 Newsletter Pictures Thumbnail

One picture is Jerry with a VP-90 NETSU t-shirt. The other is of him handcuffed standing on the pool bottom at NAS Agana, Guam, with Patron-90, Thirsty, paw prints and LEO painted on the bottom.

Here is the details from the Official Navy incident report dated 14 May 1976 from the NAS Security Officer to the CO of NAS Agana, Guam.

On or about 1030 hr, 13 May 1976, the manager of pool #1, notified the NAS Security Office via telephone and related at the time information concerning the mysterious disappearance of the water from pool #1. At approximately 1037 hours, 13 May 1976, the NAS Security Officer and Investigator arrived at Pool #1 and contacted the manager of the pool. He related to the investigator that all of the water was missing from the pool. The manager related to the investigator that when he went to the pump room (which contains the water drainage valves), all of the drainage valves were still locked closed. He related that he was the only person who had keys used to unlock the water drainage valves.

He stated that he then went to the pool area to see if the pool had developed a large crack, which would account for the water missing. The manager discovered large Feline Paw Prints at the bottom of the pool. The Security Officer and the Investigator went to the deep end of the pool were they noted what appeared to be several queer paw prints.Upon closer inspection of the prints located across the bottom of the pool, it was determined that the prints resembled those made by the rare fairy Fe-Lion which belongs in Patron 90 category. It was noted that from the size of the prints, the Fe-Lion paw would measure approximately 9.5 inches across which would indicate that this fat cat's weight would be approx 500-650 lbs.

It is the belief of this investigator, that the Fe-Lion negotiated the fence at pool #1, obviously not knowing how to swim, consumed the water in order to cross the pool, and continued on its erratic station. END OF REPORT.

From Members who were there at the time.

From Joe Gross

Hi John. I was on the '76 NAS Agana, Guam det and standing right next to the CO when they came to arrest him. It was rather humorous as he led them around on a wild goose chase. He donned a PO2 cover and came walking in with a flashlight and oily rag muttering something about a leak being fixed. When he finally did fess up, the SP's didn't believe him. We had a big party at the pool the day before.

Jerry Lambdens 1976 "POOL" Party was all that he may have had time to tell you it was, AND THEN SOME!!!!

If you want to laugh till you CRY sometime, You need to talk to a couple of us that were "POOLSIDE" as the water level began to drop.

Events leading up to Jerry's giving the "ORDER" to DRAIN the ONLY FRESH WATER

Pool on the Base are things that LEGENDS are made of.


Mike Nolan
John Larson

Note NOTICE: "...Naval Aviation Museum's (in Pensacola) National Flight Log..." [19SEP2002]

We have the opportunity to be listed on the Naval Aviation Museum's (in Pensacola) National Flight Log. VP-90 will live in infamy and the Lions who served in the squadron.

I discovered this log while checking out the Naval Aviation Museum's website. If you would like to see what squadrons are listed and what it looks like, go to their website: http://www.naval-air.org/. Then go to the National Flight Log. There are 4 VP squadrons there. VP-40, VP-45, VP-72 and VP-83. VP-72 and VP-83 were decommissioned in 1950. When we are listed we will be the first Reserve VP squadron.

To get in the national flight log, we need to contribute $500.00. I was talking to a couple of people and they thought it would be a good idea to be listed.

So the plan is for members who want to listed under the squadron to contribute $10.00 to have their name listed with the Naval Aviation Museum. I have spent a few minutes explaining this plan and I have collected $50.00 already, we now have 10% of the $500.00. If we collect more money than needed, I will put the rest into the kitty and will be used for future reunions.

The information that can be put on the log are the following. The members names and Rank/Rates. So if you want to contribute please let me know what Rank/Rate you want to use and the name to go along with that. We can also have an introductory logo screen. It can be a black and white/color graphic. If anyone has any ideas please let me know and who also could create this logo. We can publish our squadron history. It has to be no more than 1.5 pages. So besides the names of the members contributing, the history of the squadron, we should have a squadron patch, the last one I suppose. The Lambert the Lion logo and a picture of the plane would be nice too. Plus the CO's of the squadron. So if we get more 50 members donating, we should be able to do all this. The more money we contribute the more info we can post.

I think this would be a great tribute the men and women who served in VP-90. After attending the last reunion/retirement of Admiral Sam Kupresin, it really showed what a great squadron we had, the camaraderie and bound we had as a squadron was evident. So if you would like to contribute please send $10.00 to me.

John Larson, 1496 Auburn Court, Eagan, MN 55122-1858.

I would like to get the money by the end of October. I will only submit names of people who have given me money. Sorry but I can't drag this on through the winter. If you tell me you want to be listed please send the money.

In regards to the reunion. I talked to Ron Leis this week. If you were in attendance at the Friday night party and didn't contribute $10.00 to Ron, please send the money to me and I will deposit into the kitty. Also if you are a chief and didn't contribute to the chief's present, please send $5.00 to me and I will also deposit that in the kitty. If you weren't there and want to contribute to the chief's gift you can send the $5.00 to me too.

I think we will have a large group who would like to be listed in the National Flight Log. After we have taken that last flight West, or the last reunion has been held, we know that we will be listed for posterity in the Naval Aviation Museum. If you would also like to be listed individually, you can do that also. Just contact:

Leslie M. Geiger namfedpub@naval-air.org
Phone: 1- 800-327-5002

Your Shipmate
John Larson

"VP-90 Color Print"


Don Feight don@feightstudios.com [E-Mail Updated 05AUG2000] WebSite: http://www.feightstudios.com/navalasw.htm has finished his painting and sent it to the printer. If you want one Please send a check to Don directly. His address is 8044 South Race Way, Littleton, Co. 80122-3216. The cost is $45.00 per print and a $5.00 shipping charge. For 2 prints the cost is $95.00. It is unframed and 22" by 28". I have seen a photo of the final product, it looks Great!! It is also on the VP website, www.vpnavy.com. Under the VP-90 page. You can also order another P-3C print that he has done. Its called "Madrun". It's in black and white. It is 22" by 28" and sells for $40.00. You can save on the shipping charge.

The attached drawing is what it will look like, LX-00 flying over a Soviet Charlie Sub. The only correction is changing the tail logo. The correct tail logo will be like the picture of the tail, with "Lambert the Lion" on it. They should be ready in about 4 weeks. They will be only 500 made. If you want to buy the original painting, Don wants $3000.00 for it. The other pictures that I have attached are of the museum. One is taken from the Blue Angel Atrium looking toward a Blue Angel F/A-18. The other one is taken in the BA Atrium looking up at the A-4 hanging from the ceiling. The last picture is of the outside of the Cubi Pt Café. One more update on a previous VP-90 P-3B. LX-3, buno 153438 is still at NAVDEP Nas Jacksonville. The last I heard it had its tail or wing spars removed for corrosion. It will be joining LX-5/LX-11, buno 153439 in Australia. The Argentina Navy will be getting 8 P-3B's. They will get LX-3/LX-1, buno 152761 and LX-6, buno 153420. I haven't heard if they will be going through NAVDEP yet.

Again we are hoping that you can make it to the reunion. Please let me know if you are planning on coming. Please pass the word about the reunion. Also send me any mailing addresses or email addresses of any new Lions that you get. If you get an email address, my address is: oriondriver1975@yahoo.com . The next newsletter will be this fall. Talk to you later.

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