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Note NOTICE: "...I would like to contact any former VP-934 members who were in the squadron and made the deployment to NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco in 1957. Spherically, I would like to contact anyone from that time who might have information about the crash of a squadron plane in northeastern Italy on July 19, 1957 (SEE: July 19th, 1957. This crash resulted in the loss of the entire crew. I am attempt in to assist the children of CDR Shermet who was listed as copilot on the flight. Additional information can be found on Maritime International Magazine for 2007's Newsletter http://www.vpinternational.ca/MPA_Magazine_Fall07.pdf..." Contributed by Ron Wheeler rwheeler002@nycap.rr.com [21FEB2009]

Note NOTICE: "...My dad flew with VP-934 in the early to mid-60s. He somehow lost his flight jacket along the way and has never quite recovered. Recently, I bought a vintage flight jacket and have bought some authentic patches along the way, but I cannot find a VP-934 patch. If anyone knows where I may find one, please contact me. I would love to complete this jacket for him. Thanks...Brooks Davis jbrooks.davis@verizon.net..." [09JAN2003]

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