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Well, I received a number of price quotes for the patches below and it would have simply been tooooooo expensive to buy only 100. Now, if I agreed to purchase 500 or so...but the wife would have kicked me out! Anyway, this is a "prototype" of the final design. The gold trim will be like the images below, etc. I'm sorry I couldn't swing the patches below.

Thanks and Good Hunting!

Final - VPNAVY 3 Inch Embroidered Patch

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I'm thinking about having a patch produced. Please let me know what you think. Should I add dates signifying when the P-3 was first delivered to the Navy (1962)? Should I add "1962-2000." I sure would appreciate any and all suggestions.
Thanks and Good Hunting!



Note "...it's a great idea, however lots of us, yourself included, also did time in the trusty (coffee's on the wingbeam) Neptune. Think the patch should feature both of those outstanding ASW platforms..." [14NOV99]

Note "...Great looking P-3 patch, but also agree that the P-2 should be included. Maybe have both..." [19NOV99]

Note "...Great looking patch keep it simple... When can I get one?..." [24NOV99]

Note "...The gold border surrounding the patch looks good.....the blue lettering works well too. The gold/blue is a combination that Lockheed uses in the official U.S. Navy P-3 ORION aircraft-type patch currently worn on the right shoulder of crew flight jackets. Lockheed did a 30th anniversary patch for the P-3...I have a copy that I got from a Lockheed representative...it looks good.....Lockheed added red letters to their patch....indicating 1962-1992. With so many squadrons numbering from VP-1 through to VP-94....as well as both VPU-1 and VPU-2, obviously there isn't enough room on the patch to list them. Even if you attempted to do so, it would 'clutter' up the patch and, I think , take away from the overall effect. My suggestion to you would be to put the years the ORION has been operated by the Navy on the patch...1962 - 2000. I feel the numbers ought to be in red...the red color acting as a natural highlight...Another idea might be to have a short phrase...something like: Patrolling into the new millenium...or On watch into the new millenium...or maybe First Line of Defence. Suggestions only and something to think about..." [24NOV99]

Note "...Like the patch, but it leaves some things out (PBM, P5M etc.). I agree with one response that it would be nice to list all squadron designations and that there are too many to do so. Although I like the planes in the patch, there isn't enough room for all of them also. So, I would like to suggest just listing the different aircraft designations. There should be enough room to do that..." [27DEC99]

Note "...Maybe put the VP seaplanes on one patch with dates and land VP planes on another patch with dates..." [28DEC99]

Note "...How about a P2V patch. I like your format for the P-3 - maybe one just like it for us old farts..." [29DEC99]

Note "...Your patch with three planes covers it all..." [01JAN2000]

Note "...I like the new patch but you left out the P5M..." [08JAN2000]

Note "...The P-3 patch dates back to the fleet introduction of the P-3 and provided by Lockheed. Please do not change the original patch. Jay R. Beasley would turn over in his grave..." [10JAN2000]

Note "...Loved the last VPNAVY Patch but it really need's to have the P5M, on it too..." [24JAN2000]

Note "...I like the first patch with the P-3. Maybe you could include pilot, NFO, and aircrewman wings around the P-3..." [26JAN2000]

Note "...Love both you have displayed..." [08FEB2000]

Note "...I like the 3 planes on one patch..." [16FEB2000]

Note "...How can you forget the PBMs..." [16FEB2000]

Note "...I like your second patch. I also liked your first one..." [19FEB2000]

Note "...Possible addition to the gold P-3.....space below.....maybe an ASW rating symbol or something..." [20FEB2000]

Note "...The three plane patch looks great..." [21FEB2000]

Note "...First, on the patch with just the Side and Front view of the P-3, if I were you I would add the Pilot, NFO and Aircrewman wings to the patch. It would work for sure..On the patch with the 3 planes, I would make them 3 different patches also, one patch with each plane on it also. There are some guys that never flew on the P-2 or the other plane and would rather just have the P-3..." [22FEB2000]

Note "...Great looking patches!!! It is very difficult to cover all aircraft types in two patches. Perhaps one patch for amphibious and one for land based aircraft. Another option is to leave your P-3 as it is, make a second one for the P2V-7, and another one featuring the amphibious aircraft..." [02MAR2000]

Note "...Please think about developing a patch for each aircraft used in VP squadrons. The outline of the aircraft, as shown for the P-3, in the first patch, would be nice. The suggestions regarding the wings with each VP patch is also an outstandting idea..." [03MAR2000]

Note "...How about a series of individual patches that commemorate all era's and aircraft (i.e., Patch #1 P-3's, Patch #2 P2's, Patch #3 WWII, etc.)?..." [03MAR2000]

Note "...I suggest US NAVY VP SQUADRONS across the top in smaller print to allow for all the planes and a submarine in the lowest area..." [08MAR2000]

Note "...I like the one with all 3 aircraft. It needs missles or bombs or something like that!..." [17MAR2000]

Note "...The second patch is a winner, the P2V should be a P2V-5FS for us old timers..." [19MAR2000]

Note "...Great patch however I agree that the Marlin should be represented..." [24MAR2000]

Note "...Both the patches you are thinking of are great, but I like the idea of the P2 and P-3 on the patch better. I flew on both..." [29MAR2000]

Note "...I really like your second patch. However did noticed that the P5 and P2V-5 were missing. You might experiment with reducing the size of the lettering to gain more room..." [30MAR2000]

Note "...Great patch. I really like the one with all three planes on it..." [20APR2000]

Note "...VP Navy 193?-2000 with the squadron types VP, VQ, VPB etc. and leave out the airplane. Or maybe a different patch for every aircraft, that would involve 20-30 designs to cover them all..." [21APR2000]

Note "...I like your patch designs, especially the one with the three planes on it. I missed the PBY tour, but I was in on the PB4Y, the P2V and the P3. I guess the only way to settle the issue would be to have a patch for each one with Pilot, NFO and Aircrew wings on all of them. That way aflight crewman could have one of each type aircraft he flew in..." [21APR2000]

Note "...I prefer the top one. Might suggest that the "USNAVY - VPNAVY" letters be turned right side up so they are not upside down on the bottom half (more readable). Perhaps the issue of other type of airplanes could be solved with the side view of the P-3 across the middle as is, a top view of the P2 in the blank space below and a nose on view of the P-5 above. Of course the PB4Y, PBY and PV guys will then comment. Perhaps two: one seaplane, one land plane!..." [05MAY2000]

Note "...I really like the patch with all three aircraft..." [15MAY2000]

Note "...I like the Orion patch. Maybe make the profiles gray/white vs. gold. I would also suggest an individual patch for each aircraft model: P-3, P2, P5, etc..." [24MAY2000]

Note "...I especialy like the patch with the three aircraft...particularly the P-2..." [31MAY2000]

Note "...I prefer the patch with the three aircraft..." [25JUN2000]

Note Notice! Note
Well, the "bug" has finally hit me! I started collecting VP Squadron Patches.

Currently, I have VP-1, VP-2, VP-4, VP-5, VP-8, VP-9, VP-10, VP-11, VP-16, VP-17, VP-18, VP-19, VP-21, VP-22, VP-23, VP-24, VP-26, VP-28, VP-30, VP-31, VP-33, VP-40, VP-42, VP-44, VP-45, VP-46, VP-47, VP-48, VP-49, VP-50, VP-56, VP-60, VP-62, VP-64, VP-65, VP-66, VP-67, VP-68, VP-69, VP-72, VP-90, VP-91, VP-92, VP-93, VP-94, VPB-116, VPB-151, VPB-201, VPB-213, VP-771, VP-791, VP-814, VP-872, NRL, and ZX-11.

If you have a spare patch you could live without, I would love to add it to my collection.

A special thanks to the following Shipmates for contributing a patch(s) to my collection:

  • VP-1 Patch Contributed by John "JJ" Campbell safehands4u@aol.com
  • VP-3 Patch Contributed by VP-3's Reunion Group via Keith W. Harmon de8e95@windstream.net
  • VP-17 Patch Contributed by John Bob G. McLaughlin banddmcl1964@msn.com
  • VP-21 Patch(s) Contributed by John Tom Nicholson airnavy2@aol.com
  • VP-22 Patch Contributed by Joe Lord Gerjokate@ij.net
  • VP-22 Patch(2) Contributed by John "JJ" Campbell safehands4u@aol.com
  • VP-23 Patch Contributed by John "JJ" Campbell safehands4u@aol.com
  • VP-34 Patch Contributed by Nick Farnett njf5@comcast.net
  • VP-42 Patch Contributed by Mark M. Satterlee msatterlee2@excite.com
  • VP-44 Patch Contributed by John A. Holloway Jr. johnafthrs@cox.net
  • VP-65 Patch Contributed by Mark S. Snelgrove (SPARKY) P3ORIONMS@AOL.COM
  • VQ-11 Patch/Decals Contributed by AD1 Robert "DAG" Daegele rdaegele@clinic.net
  • ZX-11 Patch Contributed by Nick Farnett njf5@comcast.net
  • FAETULANT Patch Contributed by John "JJ" Campbell safehands4u@aol.com
  • NRL Patch Contributed by Johnny P Brown AT1(AW) kc5wau@yahoo.com
  • NAS Barbers Point Patch Contributed by Dick Satterfield RET. gemstar@ibm.net
  • NAS Bermuda Patch Contributed by John A. Holloway Jr.johnafthrs@cox.net
  • NS Rota, Spain Patch Contributed by John A. Holloway Jr.johnafthrs@cox.net
  • NAS Patuxent River, Maryland Patch Contributed by John A. Holloway Jr.johnafthrs@cox.net
  • P-3C Orion Update Patch Contributed by John A. Holloway Jr.johnafthrs@cox.net
  • P-3C Update III ASP Patch Contributed by John A. Holloway Jr.johnafthrs@cox.net
  • P-3 Orion Flight Engineer Patch Contributed by John A. Holloway Jr.johnafthrs@cox.net
  • EP-3J Electric Orion Patch Contributed by AD1 Robert "DAG" Daegele rdaegele@clinic.net
  • Naval Air Development Center Warminster Patch Contributed by John A. Holloway Jr.johnafthrs@cox.net
  • NATC - Weapons Systems Test Patch Contributed by Dick Satterfield RET. gemstar@ibm.net
  • Royal Air Force Squadron 201 Contributed by John "JJ" Campbell safehands4u@aol.com

    Thanks and Good Hunting!

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