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MishapsMISHAPs: 21 JUN 77 A/C: C-130 Location: Wake Island about one half to one mile off the end of runway 10 Strike: Yes BUNO: 156176 Deaths: 16/KILLED LT Jack STRUNK, LT(jg) Mark SEARING, LT(jg) David PAIGE, LT(jg) Godfrey LEDOUX, LT(jg) Andrew YAROSCHUCK, LT(jg) Richard EASTWOOD, RMC Aubrey RUSSELL, AE1 Monte NICHOLS, AT2 Daniel MINER, AT2 James FAUL, AD2 Christy METCALFE, AMH2 Robert BOND, AE2 David COFER, RM2 William JUERGENS, AT3 Dennis MURA and AN Andrew BARKER. CAUSE: There were no radio transmission after takeoff and prior to crash. The aircraft crash created an explosion and fire on the water’s surface. A significant portion of wreckage, portion of the cockpit, two engines, parts of the outer skin of aircraft and portion of one wing, and several pieces of electronic gear were located deep on the ocean floor by a Navy Deep Submersible “The Turtle” and not recoverable.

MishapsMISHAPs: 15 AUG 38 A/C: PBY-3 pby BUNO: 0859/0896 CAUSE: Flew into glassy water during night landing on lower San Diego Bay: DBR Crew: Pilot: Lt(jg) C. E. Kasparek/Killed, AMM1C G. P. Dawson /Seriously Inj, AMM2C F. Freeman/Killed, AMM3C R. D. Chrisinger 1/Seriously Inj, and RM3C H. P. Boeckmam/Killed. Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [22OCT2000]

UPDATE History ThumbnailCameraVQ-3 Crew 4 History "...As a former C.O. of VQ-3, I want to point out that the TACAMO Pacific Crew 4 that perished on 21 Jun 1977 in EC-130Q BuNo 156176 was home based on NAS Agana, Guam, but perished on takeoff from Wake Island. The crew has been memorialized by a Monument at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (Punchbowl Cemetery). The Memorial Monument was dedicated recently on the accident's 40th anniversary..." Contributed by CAPT Mike Davidson (Retired) flynavymike@msn.com [13JUL2017]

UPDATE "...My father RMC Aubrey D. Russell, attached to VQ-3 of TACAMO in Guam was killed during takeoff while flying as a crewmember of a C-130 manned by Crew 4, on June 21st, 1977. He was technically assigned to Crew 5 but had taken another man's flight due to a family emergency and was with Crew 4 when it went down, all were lost. My actual desire is to locate anyone that might have known him personally from Crew 5. I have had success with some of the members of Crew 4 and have joined several groups dedicated to honoring their memory but would just like to talk with some actual crewmembers of my father. Thank you in advance for your assistance..." Contributed by Melissa Russell Vines vicandsis@yahoo.com [20JUN2012]

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