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MishapsMISHAPs: 19 MAR 45 A/C: R4D Location: Manus/Morotai/Samar Strike: Yes BUNO: 50770 Cause: MIA flying from Morotai- Samar. [09APR2010]

UPDATE "...Information from "Naval Aviation Safety Center Aircraft Accient Reports" - Microfilm reel #17..." Contributed by Terry pb4y-2@sbcglobal.net [10APR2010]

R4D-6 Bu No #50770
19 Mar 1945 (0800)
Commander Aircraft 7th Fleet
Flight:Norotai Island to Samar, PI
Scheduled flight

Weather satisfactory for flight with some instrument conditions-
Pilot total hours:2728.5
This model:434 hrs

Pilot; Lt. Donald Leslie McInteer, USNR
CAP. Richard A. Kirkland (C-Pilot) USNR
James Thompson Jr. AMM1c. USN
Barton J. Rassmussen, AM1c. USN
Edmund Z. Szczygiel, ARM2c. USNR

Donald V. Johnson, Lt. USNR
Louis C. Skinner, Lt. USNR
G. M. L. Costner. Ls, USCG
Alsie a. Porterfield. USN
Alpha Scott, ART1c, USNR
Charles W. Kallal, AMM2c. USNR
Alfred A. France, ARM3c. USNR
Tony D. Drakos, ARM3c. USNR
Ben Williams, SM1c.
Bennice Hathaway, SM1c
A. B. Bosely, Sgt. US Army
H. L. Straub, Pvt. US Army
Missing In Action

Plane and all personnel aboard are missing on a scheduled flight from Morotai Island to Samar. Cause is unknown but bad weather probably was a contributig factor. Another pilot in the area reported instrument weather over most of the course, rain, turbulence, violent updrafts and 20kt wind from the east.

The last report from the missing plane gave its position as 05N 127deg 35min East, which was approximately 34 nautical miles west of prescribed course.

The operation of the Flag Utility Unit, Aircraft Fleet, more closely approximate those of a combat transport squadron, then those of regular airlines. Missions are usually flown in forward areas where no standard routes have been established and changes in the tactical situation may require deviation from prescribed routes and landing fields.

Action has been taken carefully to instruct pilots in applicable airlines procedures, and to require adherence there to as recommendd by this board in para. 2 of there recommendations.

Although desirable to equip transports of Flag Utility Unit with oxygen in accordance with paragraph 3 of the recommendations, it is not considered practicable to do so, nor essential fr operations in the SWPac area.

The normal maximum altitude for flighs should not exceed 8000'. Repeated experience in this area has been indicated that on encountering storms the most desirable level is below 600; and when passage through fronts at the level is "inpractiable" (the word was almost scratched out) about plans to return to base or to an alternate field.

While not brought clear in the investigation, the principal cause for delaying initiation of search for the missing aircraft was inefficient internall communications at the terminal station. Action to correct this definiceny was taken on 20 Mar 1945.

UPDATE "...I am seeking information on my father, LT Donald L. McInteer, was listed as MIA while serving with VR-13. On March 19, 1945, while flying R4D from Morotai- Samar, he was lost somewhere around Manus/Morotai/Samar. The following information was provided to my family. Mike McInteer mike@kilgoremarine.com..." [09APR2010]

Lt. Donald Leslie McInteer (Pilot)
Deployed from Clinton, Okla. to San Diego to S.W. Pacific Nov. 1944 via ship
Plane: R4D-6 (DC3) Aircraft BUNO# 50770
Duty: Commander Aircraft 7th Fleet, Logistics Section, Flag Utility Unit
Assignment: Transport Squadron based in S.W. Pacific to fly Supplies and Personnel.
Navy Transport Squadron: VR-13
Stationed: Momote Airfield, Manus Island, Admiralty Island Chain
Missing, presumed dead: Mar. 19, 1945 enroute from Morotai, Moluccas Islands to Samar, Phillipine Islands, (approx. 800 miles). Plane failed to reach destination.

"VR-13 Summary Page"