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DAVIS, Jesse C. jcdavis@tcac.net "...I started my VP career in VP-6 when AEWBarRonPac decomissioned in late 1964. Actually I went directly from BARRONPAC to VP-31 for F/E training prior to checking into VP-6. Myself and ADR1 R. C. Miller were the first P-3 F/Es in VP-6. We brought Buno 150525 back to NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii, that was our first P-3. I can remember the P2 crewmen climbing out of their aircraft sweating profusely, while we were in air conditioned comfort in the P-3s. I believe that at that time VP-6 was the last VP to fly the P2V-5F aircraft. Any how it was full speed ahead to get ready for a 6 month deployment to NAS Adak, Alaska. We did it and did it well. I left VP-6 in 1967 , went to VR-30 at NAS Alameda, California for one year and then to VP-31 as CNAP F/E evaluator. After a good tour there, I went to VP-19. I joined them in NAS Iwakuni, Japan, in 1971 and left VP-19 in 1977. What a hoot, that was the best squadron in the Navy at that time, at least I think it was. We had a fantastic maintenance department and the CPOs were great. I have many fond memories of VP-19. Would especially like to find out what ever became of AWC Joe Allen. I see so many old Shipmates names in the VP-31 Shipmates listing, many of these were just young petty officers when I was in VP-31 and VP-19, many F/Es that I gave check rides to also. My last VP was in VP-47, it too was a very good squadron. I joined them in NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan in 1978 and retired in 1980. Finished up with 26 years as AFCM. Would like to hear from any who served with me..." [02MAY99]

FLOYD, AE1 Dock F. Retired dfloyd.usnret@rocketmail.com "...I served with VP-31 (1979-1982), VP-4 (1982-1985), VP-31 (1985-1989), VP-48 (1989-1991), VP-47 (1991-1993) and VRC-30 (1993-1995) where myself as an "all systems QAR and CNAP's BUNO 150526 retired from service. They gave me the PSA airline twin seat that was used for additional seats on board. Hoping to get some stories from old Shipmates like CDRWeller, AVCM James, AVCM Padilla, AE1 Wiley, AE1 Kish, all the AE's, ADC Soria, mech's, airframers, tweets, AME1 Gunabe, AD1Sison, AE1 Enos(LT), AO's, PR's, AE2 McIntyre and all the Filipino's who shared the lumpia, fried rice, pancit, San Miguel beer and so on. Sorry to whom I did not mention because of memory lose. Email me and I'll be cured..." [15DEC2010]

GOEHNER, AZ1 John M. Retired johngoehner@live.com "...I enlisted in the Navy in July 1970. After boot camp in NAS North Island, San Diego, California and AZ "A" School in NAS Millington, Tennessee, I transferred to VR-30 in NAS Alameda, California where I worked in Maintenance Control. In 1975 I transferred to VP-26 in NAS Brunswick, Maine. In 1978 I transferred to NAF Washington, D.C. co-located on NAF Andrews, Maryland where I first worked the 1900-0700 shift as AOOD in the Quarterdeck for 3 months, then maintaining engine logbooks and the technical library in the Engine Shop, and finally in Maintenance Control. I was discharged on 5 Jan 1980 and returned to Illinois. On 31 Mar 1980 I was hired as a civilian Military Personnel Specialist for the 932 Aeromedical Airlift Group (Air Force Reserve) at Scott AFB IL. In July 1982 I enlisted as a fulltime Air Reserve Technician (ART) at the rank of TSgt (E-6). I retired in 2005 from both the Air Force Reserve and Civil Service having worked 19 years in Personnel and my last 6 years as a Communications Specialist (Networking/Computers). I now reside in O'Fallon Illinois..." [E-Mail Updated 08AUG2009 | 26JUL2006]

GOSA, AMCS Johnny M. "Mike" Retired jmgosa@hotmail.com "...I served with AIMD at NAS Jacksonville, Florida (1967), VP-45 (1970-1971), VP-48 (1971-1973) at NAS Moffett Field, California, VP-19 (1984-1987), VT-23, VT-24, VT-31, VR-24, VRC-30, NAS Sigonella, Sicily, CTW3 Staff at NAS Chase Field, Beeville, Texas and retired in 1991..." [E-Mail Updated 02MAY2013 | 20JUN2003]

HOLT, Ken kaholt66@hotmail.com "...I served in VP-2 from 8/65 - 5/67. I was an AZ3 at the time, working in Maintenance Control as Logs and Records keeper. I did the '66 deployment to NAS Iwakuni, Japan and was on the first Det to Viet Nam and stayed there from 5/66 to 8/66, worked nights and rode shotgun for the busses picking up the crews. At any rate, I got out of the navy in May '67 and stayed out for three and a half years. When I came back to the navy in Sept '70, I changed my rate to AE and went to AE-"A" school in NAS Jacksonville, Florida. Upon completion of training there and P-3 training at NAS Moffett Field, California (NAMTRADET 1012), I went to VP-22 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. I stayed in VP-22 from '71 to '73. I made AE-2 in VP-22 and made the '72 Naha Okinawa deployment. That was the era of "Canadian Geese", when Cdr. Canada was the C.O.. I worked for AE1 Jim Watt at the time and then, AE-2 Jack With. We had a real good crew of AEs back then. I remember Jeff Powers, Bob Driscoll, Al Ferguson, AEC Pointer and several others that I remember their faces but can't think of their names. I had a good buddy named Jeff Kephart (AD2) that I've been trying to locate for years, so if anyone knows how I can contact him, please let me know. When I left VP-22 in July '73, I went to AV-I "B" school in NAS Memphis, Tennessee and after that I was sent to USS Ranger (CV-61) for two years as ship's company in AIMD. I made AE-1 while attached to Ranger. After a good tour on Ranger I went to VA-121 in NAS Lemoore, California until they disestablished and I was sent to VA-122, TAD to AIMD. I swapped orders with another AE in AIMD and took his orders to VR-30, NAS Alameda, California, where I was the Electric shop supervisor / Maintenance Control watchstander. When the Squadron changed home ports to San Diego, I terminated my shore duty and went to VP-47 at NAS Moffett Field, California (after FRAMP training with VP-31) and I was the AE Shop Supervisor. We deployed to NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan in '79 and had an aircraft experience three engine shut down on the transpac back to NAS Moffett Field, California. I believe that was RD-11, with T. J. Templeton as the F/E on board. I made AEC and I was made the AV/ARM Division Chief. We deployed to NAS Misawa, Japan in February of '81, that was one cold SOB. I worked Maintenance Control (Early Crew) for the rest of my time in the Squadron. In May '82 I went to Instructor Training in San Diego and then went to NAMTRADET 1012, "Orion University" at NAS Moffett Field, California. I was the AE Phase Chief and I also taught the P-3C "O" level Electrical Systems course and the LTN-72 "O" level maintenance. I was the Assistant Aircraft Division Chief too. When I left NAMTRADET 1012, I went to VP-19 for my last year in the Good 'Ole Nav. I was the Expediter and Maintenance Control Chief and made a deployment back to NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan and I left the Squadron there and came back to NAS Moffett Field, California to "Muster Out" and retired August '86. Since that time, I was a NAESU Tech Rep at NAS Moffett Field, California for 9 years, spent one year at NADEP NAS Alameda, California in the ARIES II Modification section, working in engineering, and I'm currently working for the FAA as an Aviation Safety Inspector in San Francisco Certificate Management Office, where we manage the operating certificate for United Airlines. I've just recently discovered this web site and I see a lot of names of people from the past that I'm going to contact, so if any old "Shipmates" out there want to contact me, please do. I don't have an e-mail address at home yet, but when I do, I'll let you know..." [E-Mail Updated 06APR99 | 17MAR99]

JENKINS, James W. (Jake The Snake) Retired jakeusn@getgoin.com "...In 1957 I was p/c on AD5W in VW-11 flying right seat as observer. Didn!t take long to decide one engine wasn!t enough. Volunteered for NAS Agana, Guam for something called a Willy Victor, had four engines, sounded good to me. As others have put it VW-3 from 1058-1960 was a great time for me. So good that after a few months in HU-1, I begged back into WILLY VICTORS and spent an exciting and gradifing career in VW-11 from 1960-1962. Served with VP-4 ADR-2 and worked in powerplant till 1966. Then onto VW-4 fom 1966-1969, PMR 1969-1973, VR-30 from 1973-1976, and then I retired. Anyone remembers Jake The Snake?..." [12SEP2001]

JONES, Phillip W. pwj50@aol.com "...I served with VR-30 (1969-1970) at NAS Alameda, California flying as crew aboard the C-131..." [05APR2017]

KENDALL, George skytrainii@hotmail.com "...Joined VR-30 on my first tour out of ADJ "A" school in 1973, one month after the frist C-9B joined the squadron. My very first flight with the squadron was in a C-1A. But I wanted to be a C-9 aircrewman which was my billet. I achieved 2000 hrs on the 9's and loved every hour of it but cheerished my 300 hrs in the C-1A's much, much more. I stayed with the squadron and the C-1's from 1975 until they moved the C-1A's on perminent Det south to NAS North Island, San Diego, California. The Det eventially became VRC-30. That is when I started to fly the CT-39's for achieving 500 hrs. I stayed in NAS Alameda, California with VR-55 finishing out my nine years as the squadrons FCPC NATOPS Instructor back on the 9's..." [23APR2012]

LEGASPI, CPO Victor E. Retired legaspi@mchsi.com "...Started in VP-1 in 1974. As a matter of fact VP-1 POPS Vice Pres. was my first Chief. Someuse to call us Taffy Tafoyas Tijuana... well you know. In 1977, from VP-1 I moved back across the pond to the Gay...err I mean the Grey Knights at VP-46. In 1979, from there it was a short hop across the runways to the Genies/Blacklightning at VP-31. Then in 1982 across the other way to the Laging Handa Fighting Marlins of VP-40. By then I had been through 4 versions of the P-3 B, Bmod, C, and C UI. In 1986 I decided to say good by to the VPNavy and moved over to the VRC-30 Providers at NAS North Island, San Diego, California where I did a tour crashing and dashing off of Aircraft Carriers. One tour and it was on to NAS Point Mugu, California, in 1989 and the VXE-6 Puckered Penguins where I did 3 seasons down on the "ICE". Ended the career as a Crew Chief on the Navy's only UC-8 Buffalo. Pulled the plug after 21 years and believe it or not retired as a Chief even though all my billets were Aircrew. And all I was ever told is if I didn't go to sea it would never happen. Wouldn't mind terribly to hear from some of the old school..." [19SEP2004]

McCONNAUGHY, AE2 Michael W. ondaroadagin@gmail.com "...I served with VR-30 (02/1968-03/1970) in the Electrical Shop..." [29DEC2014]

Memorial Picture "...RAY, CDR Willard Douglas "Doug"...CDR Willard Douglas "Doug" Ray passed away November 25th, 2011 in Creston, IA. Cdr Ray served with VR-8, VR-7, VP-6, VP-46, Naval Missile Center (NMC), VR-30. Celebration of life services will be 10:30 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 1, at the First Christian Church. The Rev. Merlin Wilkins and the Rev. Dianna Clark will officiate. Inurnment will be in Graceland Cemetery with military honors. There will be no public viewing..." [30NOV2011]

RUTHERFORD, Don drman8182@yahoo.com "...I served with VR-30 (1964-1967) at NAS Alameda, California Carrier Onboard Delivery (COD) and crewed aboard the C1-A and C2-A aircraft..." [12SEP2015]

SALOMON, CAPTAIN Ferdinand L. FerdSalomon@mchsi.com "...I served with VP-5 from 1980-1983. I joined the squadron in NAS Jacksonville, Florida right after the NAS Bermuda deployment and then made back-to-back NAS Sigonella, Sicily deployments with the Mad Foxes. My brother, Gate was also in VP-5 from 1981-1984 (I think) and I had the opportunity to fly with his crew on week-long det to NS Rota, Spain (I was the PPC and MC, he was the TACCO!! Lots of fun). I then served with VT-6 from 1983-1986, VPU-2 from 1986-1989, VP-6 as Ops Officer from 1990-1991 (deployed to NAS Adak, Alaska during that time and had to watch Desert Storm on CNN with everyone else), CPW-2 from 1991-1993, VRC-30 from 1993-1996 XO/CO CODs (81 traps), NATO (London!) from 1996-1999, and NAS Whiting Field, Milton, Florida 1999-2001 Base XO. I am still active, now the Chief of Staff for Chief of Naval Education and Training at NAS Pensacola, Florida, probably retire in 2004. Would be interested to hear from any Shipmates I served with!..." [BIO/E-Mail Updated 27JAN2003 | 02DEC2002]

SCHUPP, AMS3 Robert "Bob" rlschupp@cox.net "...I served with VR-21 (1967-1970) Detachment and VR-30 (1965-1967) at NAS Alameda, California Hanger 40 as C1A Flight Crew Plane Captain aboard the A\C 031..." [04SEP2015]

SHAW, ADR M. J. shawseano@goldenwest.net "...Attended ADR "A" School at NAS Millington, Tennessee and then served with VR-30 (1969-1972) working on the Convair C-131 Samaritan, Grumman C1A Trader and North American Rockwell..." [04DEC2010]

STRONG, Arthur art1320@yahoo.com "...Greetings to all my Shipmates from VR-30, VQ-2, VX-1, Coral Sea (CV-43) and VAQ-33. After 23 plus years, I retired in '91 in Northern Virginia, and am now working for Boeing on the P-8A Poseidon (formerly MMA)project out in Seattle. I feel extremely privileged to be here working with such a talented group of ASW professionals on this program. I look forward to getting back in touch with those I had the good fortune to serve with while on active duty..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 21MAR2007 | 08APR99][ICQ #13210481]

WISEMAN, AE2 Colin B. n3ubi@arrl.net "...I served with VR-30 (1973-1977) at NAS Alameda, California with deployments to NAS Cubi Point, Philippines and VAQ-306 (1977-1979) at NAF Andrews, Maryland. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 23OCT2017 | 31JAN2012]

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