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BAYLESS, REAR ADMIRAL Jon W. Jr. http://www.chinfo.navy.mil/navpalib/people/flags/biographies/baylessjw.html "...Rear Adm. (Sel.) Bayless graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in May 1979 with a degree in Systems Engineering. He was designated a Naval Aviator in April of 1981 and completed Fleet Replacement training at VP-30 in November of that same year. From December 1981 to December 1984, Rear Adm. (Sel.) Bayless was assigned to VP-16 in NAS Jacksonville, Florida. During his tour he was designated a Patrol Plane Commander and Mission Commander making deployments to NAS Bermuda, NS Rota, Spain, and NAS Keflavik, Iceland. The "War Eagles" were recognized with a Battle E, the Golden Wrench, and three Meritorious Unit Commendations during this period. In January of 1985, he reported to VT-27 in NAS Corpus Christi, Texas as an Instructor Pilot in the T-34C Mentor. As a Flight Leader and solo check pilot, he instructed in Basic Familiarization, Radio Instruments, Night Navigation, and Precision Acrobatics. After affiliating with the Naval Reserve, Rear Adm. (Sel.) Bayless reported to the "Executioners" of VP-93 in November of 1989 at NAF Detroit, Michigan. During this tour, he served as Department Head for Administration, Operations, and Maintenance. He led armed patrols in Operation Sharp Guard supporting UN sanctions against the former Yugoslav Republics and also flew sorties during Support Democracy and Able Manner supporting the UN sanctioned embargo of Haiti. With the disestablishment of VP-93, Rear Adm. (Sel.) Bayless received orders in the spring of 1994 to VP-68 at NAF Andrews, Maryland. He served as an Executive Assistant and then as the Executive Officer of the "Black Hawks". While attached to VP-68, Rear Adm. (Sel.) Bayless supported multiple operations throughout the Mediterranean and the Caribbean to include counter narcotics missions from Roosevelt Roads, Key West, and Howard AFB in Panama. In June of 1996, Rear Adm. (Sel.) Bayless reported aboard VP-66 in NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, as the PCO and took command the following month. The "Liberty Bells" won the CNO Safety Award for 1996 and 1997 as well as the MPA International Symposium Competition for ASW Excellence during his tenure. In November of 1997, Rear Adm. (Sel.) Bayless assumed the duties of Executive Officer NR CINCUSNAVEUR 513 (CNE 513) at Great Lakes, Ill. The command received the Leo V. Bilger Award for outstanding Surface Augment Unit that year. During this period, Rear Adm. (Sel.) Bayless was selected to become the first East Coast Facilitator of the Navy's Culture Workshop process representing COMNAVAIRLANT. His next assignment was CO of NR Tactical Support Center 472 (TSC 472) from October 1998 to September of 1999. TSC 472 provided watch officers for NATO Operations Allied Force and Noble Anvil from TSC Sigonella in support of highly visible Balkan missions. Rear Adm. (Sel.) Bayless then commanded NR Battle Group Staff Eight (BGS-8) at Forest Park, Ill., from October 1999 to September 2001. While supporting COMCRUDESGRU EIGHT, Rear Adm. (Sel.) Bayless deployed with IKEBATGRU and also served as the Deputy JFACC for Unified Endeavor. He subsequently took command of NR CINCUSNAVEUR Joint Task Force Contingency Unit 413 (CNE JTFCU 413) in October 2001. During this command tour, Rear Adm. (Sel.) Bayless was recalled to active duty from April 2002 to March 2003 as Deputy Commander, Task Force Five Seven at NAVCENT NSA Bahrain in support of Enduring Freedom. He was nominated for Flag rank in February 2003. Among his awards are four Meritorious Service Medals and the Navy Achievement Medal. He has attended the National Defense University's NATO Staff Officer Course, the Reserve Components National Security Course, and CINCLANTFLT's Senior Officer Course. Rear Adm. (Sel.) Bayless is also the Vice President of the Detroit Metro Chapter of the Navy League and has sat on numerous promotion and selection boards. In his civilian occupation, he is an AIRBUS 320 Captain for Northwest Airlines..." [01JUN2003]

BECKIUS, Thomas R. tbecki@earthlink.net "...I was a member of ATU-402 when it was changed to VT-27 and moved from Texas to New Iberia, LA. I took part in the first fly over of that station and was with it for the next two years..." [E-Mail Updated 19MAR2010 | E-Mail Updated 24SEP2006 | 19JAN2005]

BEISSER, Terry tbeisser@worldnet.att.net "...I served with VT-27 from October 1962 through sometime in 1964 when we were transfered to NAS Corpus Christi, Texas until May 1965. Aircraft mechanic and we had the old S2F..." [11MAY2003]

BIGLEY, CDR Tom Retired shipmate pix...circa 1964... bigleytl@earthlink.net "...Flew P5B Marlins with VP-40 at NS Sangley Point, Philippines and NAS North Island, San Diego, California (Sep 63-Jun 66); P3B Orions at NAS Moffett Field, California with VP-9 (Mar 70-Apr 72) and Nardet NAS Moffett Field, California (Apr 72-Jul 75). I was an instructor with VT-27 at NAS Corpus Christi when the last Marlin passed through on its way to the NavAir Museum at Pensacola. Checked my log book and found that I have about 40 pilot hours in that grand old bird..." WebSite: http://home.earthlink.net/~bigleytl/ The Cutaway PBY Display http://members.home.net/vpnavy/Catalina/ [E-Mail Updated 04DEC2001 | URL Updated 25MAY99 | Updated 05APR98]

BISHOP, LCDR Don OPS@rcoh.spear.navy.mil "...VT-27 SERGRAD (89-91); VP-47 (91-94); VPU-2 (94-97);and currently a shooter on USS NIMITZ "Stalag 68" with a prospective parole date of Dec 98 headed to VPU-1 as a Dept Head (lobotomy not included). Looking for former Swordsmen and Wizards..." [11OCT98]

BUSH, Lyndon leebush@twc.com "...I served with VT-27 (1963-1967) at NAAS New New Iberia, Louisiana and NAS Corpus Christi, Texas and deployed aboard the USS Intrepid (CVS-11)..." [01OCT2014]

CARR, William williamc9178@bigplanet.com "...I was stationed at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas with VT-27 from November 1974 to July 1977. Had some good times in NAS Corpus Christi, Texas to name a few with Kevin Henry, Sam Bertoni, Mary Wanzug and Richard Gowman who by the way I have found and contacted. If any others in this time frame were there drop me a line..." [23MAR2002]

CELMER, ATCS Ronald Retired tercsta@yahoo.com "...Attended "A" School, served with VW-12, AEWBarRonPac (Detachment NAS Midway Island), VP-17, VT-27, VP-50 (both P2's & P-3's), VA-125, VP-24, VA-145, VAW-112, VAW-110 and NAMTRDET NAS Whidbey Island, Washington. Retired 1988..." [16AUG2008]

CORCORAN, Bob corkerew@yahoo.com "...I served with VT-27 (1961-1962) at NAAS New New Iberia, Louisiana. I worked on the line crew and was a mule driver on early morning hauling the fan cart to the end of the runway for student pilots to practise touch and goes..." [E-Mail Updated 27NOV2016 | E-Mail Updated 31JAN2015 | 30JAN2015]

COWART, DR Michael cowartmd@ix.netcom.com "...I was attached to VP-19 NAS Moffett Field, California, from 1976 to 1979, and then went to VT-27 in NAS Corpus Christi, Texas to finish out my active duty tour. Those were great times to be a Naval Aviator..." [24NOV2000]

DELANEY, AMHC Richard Retired richard.m.delaney@navy.mil "...I served with VP-49 from 1963 to 1965, VP-6 from 1965 to 1967, VT-27 from 1967 to 1970, Shore Duty from 1967 to 1970, VP-46 from 1970 to 1974, VX-1 from 1974 to 1977, and VXN-8 from 1977 to 1980. I sure miss bounce flights (especially the 35 T.O./LDG 4 Hour Type!). I am still here at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland (25 years now). I would like to hear from (old) Shipmates..." [E-Mail Updated 13OCT2006 | 13APR99]

DENNIS, David 70264.3466@compuserve.com "...CDR, VP-10 from 81-84. VT-27 from 84-86, Reserves, VP-93 from 86-89, Naval Air Reserve Center Minneapolis until 1994. Flying for Northwest Airlines..." [13MAR99]

DOMINGUEZ, Robert Jr. robertdo13@hotmail.com "...I served with VT-27 (Maintaince Control) and TAD Chief of Naval Air Training (CNATRA) (1974-1977) as the Chauffer to Admiral's McDonald and Admiral Shepard..." [E-Mail Updated 01JAN2013 | 12FEB2009]

DORPINGHAUS, ABCS(A/C) John "Dutch" Retired dutch@aculink.net "...I am coming to you from "The Land Of The Thunder Snows" Howard, Colorado. (Elevation 7,200') I joined the Navy in 1961 and was stationed at NAAS New New Iberia, Louisiana, NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii, NAS Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, (I was the beachmaster here working with the P5Ms) USS America CVA-66 (V-1 Div.) (Plank Owner), NAS Norfolk, Virginia., VX-6 with deployments to Christ Church, New Zealand and Antarctica, ( I picked up verious Air Frieght Schools, Loadmaster, and airdrop School) USS Saratoga CVA-60 )V-1 Div.), USS Enterprise CVAN-65 (V-1 Div.), NAVTRAGROUDET Warners Springs, CA. (SERE Instructor), USS Coral Sea CVA-43(V-1 Div.), NAS Corpus Christi, Texas. USS Enterprise CVAN-65(V-1 Div.), VP-47 NAS Moffett Field, California with dets to NAS Misawa, Japan - NAF Kadena, Okinawa, Japan, - NAS Adak, Alaska, - NAS Midway Island, NAS Cubi Point, Philippines - & NAS Dallas, Texas. Back to USS Enterprise CVN-65 (V-1 Div.), NAVCRUITDIST St. Louis, MO assigned to NAVCRUIT Stations - Columbia, MO.-Jefferson City, MO.-Mexico, MO.- & Union, MO.-then NAVCRUITDIST, Kansas City, MO. assigned to NAVCRUITSTA Wichita, KS., NSF Diego Garcia, USS Carl Vinson CVA-70 (V-1 Div./Air Dept. LCPO), VT-27 NAS Kingsville, TX where I had a stroke and retired. I forgot to mention NAS Glenview, Illinois where I was sent for Limited duty once..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 19OCT2001 | 19MAR2001]

DORRY, ADJC Donald (Hunky) D3605@AOL.COM "...My VP career started in 1957 with VP-6 at Barbers Point flying the P-2V-5F. I was first assigned to Crew 7 in PC-7. My pilot and Squadron XO was CDR. Ward. I was second mech and AD-2, LV Smith was PC. Made two deployments to Iwakuni and many short detachments to Midway and islands west. Departed VP-6, April 1960 for the new RAG (VP-31) forming up at NAS North Island, San Diego, California. Continued flying in the P-2's both 5F's and 7's also cross trained in the P5M-2's. Was selected to start training on the new P-3V (later renamed to P-3A) and started going to factory schools all over the country. Attended the first F/E class that was taught by Lockheed Instructors at Det. NAS Moffett Field, California. After completing F/E training I was assigned to the training department and taught ground and flight school for the next two years. Transfered to VP-19 and made the 11 month deployment to NAS Adak, Alaska. Departed the squadron Feb 1967 while it was on deployment at Iwakuni. Departed to NAS Whidbey Island, Washington for training as a A3 Nav and was assigned to VQ-2 at completion of training. NS Rota, Spain without a doubt was my best assignment in the navy. Originally went over for a 24 month tour and finally departed there 54 months later. Did a short tour (6 months) at VT-7 NAS Meridian. Managed to terminate my shore duty and was assigned to VQ-1 at NAS Aguna Guam. Went back through VP-31 for P3 F/E refresher training Spent most of that tour flying P-3's out of the graden spot, Danang. Pulled a tour of duty in Naples as VR-24's Maintenance Chief and a tour of duty at NAS Norfolk, Virginia in VAW-25 as Maintenance Chief. Retired from there with 23 years of service off the JFK at pier 12..." [10JUN98]

DuBOSE, William "Bill" alphak9@att.net "...VT-27 from 2-1977 to 10-1980, plane captian, etc..." [27MAR2010]

ENRIQUEZ, Richard richardp57@hotmail.com "...I served with VT-27 (1960-1962) at NAAS New New Iberia, Louisiana. VP-9 (1962-1963) at NAS Alameda, California, VR-874, VR-21, VR-1020, VR-51, VR-55, VR-60 (1983-1984), VR-55 (1984-1990) and then retired..." [BIO Updated 07JUN2014 | 14MAY2014]

GAGNE, AMHC Robert F. Retired chief1974@juno.com "...I served with VS-31 from 1963 to 1964 and left in February 1965 for VT-27 at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas. We deployed on the USS WASP our of Boston. You would not believe Quonset/Davisville now! If any of the gang I hung out with are still around - drop me a line. I retired off Recruiting DUty July 2, 1974 and I'm fully retired now and only play golf everyday...I served with VP-22 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii from 1962 to 1963 (deployed to NAS Iwakuni, Japan). I flew with CDR Redden when he was XO and CO. Captain Kauth was their in 1962 when the crisis broke out and we deployed to NAS Misawa, Japan. I WAS IN VW-3 FROM APRIL 1956 TILL OCT 1957. WAS A CREWMEMBER ON ONE OF THE LAST 3 P2V TILL WE SWITCHED TO SUPER CONNIES. I WAS IN CREW #8 AND OBRIEN WAS MY FLIGHT ENGINEER. I CAME FROM NAS Pensacola, Florida WITH HIERS AND QUISENBERRY AND A COUPLE OF OTHERS WHO I CANT REMEMBER. I RE-ENLISTED WHILE THERE AND MADE AM2. THERE WASNT AMH OR AMS OR AME THEN. CHIEF ZENTZ WAS MY SHOP CHIEF. THE SQUADRON HAD JUST LOST AN AIRCRAFT BEFORE I GOT THERE. THAT WAS GREAT DUTY IF YOU FLEW. DUVA IS DIVINE..." [BIO Updated 28JAN2005 | BIO Updated 16JUL2003 | E-Mail Updated 21OCT2002 | 05AUG2002]

GRANT, Byron byron.lorraine@gmail.com "...I served with VT-27 (1969-1973)..." [10JAN2016]

HALSEY, ADC(AW) TOM jthalsey@swbell.net "...VQ-3 Jan 96 -Dec 98. VFA-94 Oct 93-Dec95. VQ-1 83-85 & 91-93. VPU-2 85-88. VT-27 80-82. OMD C.C. Tex. AIMD Kingsville TX...Currently working for Raytheon Aerospace on the U. S. Customs Service P-3's in NAS Corpus Christi, Texas..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 27NOV2001 | Updated 15APR98]

HARTSHORN, LCDR Steve burnman57@hotmail.com "...I served with VT-27, VT-28, VP-30, VP-8 from 1982-1985, VA-128 from 1985-1988, VP-93 from 1988-1992, NR NAS Whidbey Island, Washington 1992-1994, and NAS Atlanta, Georgia 1994-1995. Left service as LCDR and took up job as Deputy Sheriff in Portland Oregon as to date. Miss the Navy, would like to hear from former squadron mates, and hi to all those I served with..." [21JUL2002]

HOWELL, Gary Retired dlbgkh@aol.com "...I served with VT-27 (12/1965-07/1968) at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas flying TS-2A, Aviation Safety (09/1968-11/1970) as NAS New Orleans, Louisiana, VP-94 (11/1970), VP-92 (10/1972-03/1976), VA-176 at NAS Oceana, VA, USS America (CV-66), CAG-6 (09/1977-02/1979) USS Independence (CV-62), VT-23 at NAS Kingsville, Texas, VP-9 at NAS Moffett Field, California with two deployments to NAF Naha, Okinawa, Japan and retired July 1984. I now live Dallas area as Vice President of a Traffic Control Company..." [22APR2016]

JEWELL, Sam P. spjewell@yahoo.com "...I served with ATU-402 / VT-27 from NAAS Kingsville, Texas to NAAS New Iberia. Three years, left November 1962. Ordnance..." [15JAN2007]

JONES, Alan jonesrichard14@gmail.com "...I served with VT-27 at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas from 1980 to 1983. I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [29SEP2009]

JONES, ADR Charles baycitytexas@yahoo.com "...I served with VT-29 (03/1974-12/1976) in the Calender Inspection Division and VT-27 (12/1976-10/1978) Phase Crew and Trouble-Shooting Division..." [BIO Updated 13DEC2016 | 14SEP2016]

JONES, CDR Scott D. Shipmate PixCirca 2005 http://reserves.navy.mil/ "...Commander Scott Jones was born and raised in Sacramento, California. At 17 years old, Commander Jones quit high school and enlisted in the navy where he served 6 years as an Electronic Warfare Technician. He completed Western Pacific cruises aboard the USS O'Callahan (FF-1051) and the USS David R. Ray (DD-971). Commander Jones attended night school for most of his enlisted years and in October 1987 graduated from National University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. He completed Aviation Officer Candidate School in 1988 and was designated a Naval Aviator in October 1989. After P-3 replacement training at VP-30 in NAS Jacksonville, Florida, he reported to VP-44 in NAS Brunswick, Maine. While attached to the Golden Pelicans he served as the Security Manager and Personnel Officer. Upon the disestablishment of VP-44 in 1991, he reported to the VP-8 Tigers assigned to Jeddah Saudi Arabia in support of Operation Desert Storm. While assigned to VP-8, Commander Jones served in several positions including Plans and Readiness Officer, Pilot Training Officer, Pilot Natops Officer and Safety/ Natops Department Head. He qualified as a P-3C Patrol Plane Commander, Natops Instructor Pilot and Beartrap Mission Commander. During his tour with VP-8 he completed deployments to NS Rota, Spain and NS Roosevelt Roads, PR with detachments to Europe, Greenland, and NAS Bermuda. After completing his tour with VP-8, Commander Jones reported to VT-27 NAS Corpus Christi, Texas where he served as a Primary and Intermediate Flight Instructor. While attached to VT-27, he was qualified to instruct in Basic Familiarization, Basic Instruments, Precision Aerobatics, Radio Instruments, Night Familiarization, Airways Navigation, and Formation flight. He concurrently held positions as the Assistant Safety Officer and Flight Leader. In August 1995, upon his release from active duty, Commander Jones affiliated with the fighting Totems of VP-69. He has qualified as Mission Commander, Patrol Plane Commander and Natops Instructor Pilot while serving as a Totem. He has completed detachments to Australia, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Pacific and the Caribbean. He served as Operations Officer, Maintenance Officer, Pilot Standardization Officer and Executive Assistant prior to his recent selection as Executive Officer. His military decorations include Navy Achievement Medal, Southwest Asia Service Medal and various other personal and unit awards. In civilian life, Commander Jones is a 747-400 First Officer for United Airlines based in San Francisco, California..." [19JUN2005]

KENNEDY, AZ2 Bill billkenn_2005@msn.com "...I served with VT-27 (Data Analyst) at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas from 1965 to 1968. Great tour of duty..." [19MAR2011]

KENNICUTT, CDR Roger T. Retired tkennicutt@aol.com "...I served with VP-67 from 1971 to 1973, VS-31 (Active Duty), VT-27 (Active Duty) and NARDT NAS Olathe, Kansas..." [15JUN2009]

Memorial Picture "...LOCEY, Robert A...Sad to report the death of Robert Locey. Bob passed away July 12, 2006 at the Maine Veterans Home in Scarborough, ME. Bob served with VP-45, VP-10, ATU-206, back to VP-10, VT-27, VP-11 and RVAW-111...WILSON, AT2 Robert T. Jr. helgasgardener@gmail.com..." [14JUL2006]

LOCEY, Robert A. Retired (Deceased) rlocey@maine.rr.com "...VP-45 1950 to 52, transferred to VP-10 52 to 56, then to ATU-206 (F9F's), back to VP-10 58 to 61 which I believe was with the first Unitis Operation. Was on Crew 5 with Lt Jerry Spitz as PPC with Gordy Day as co-pilot. Then with (Red Bird) Adams with Russ Mowery as co-pilot.Transf. to VT-27 at NAAS New New Iberia, Louisiana for shore duty. Then to VP-11 1962 to 1965, which included transition from P2V7's to P-3. Then final tour at NAS North Island, San Diego, California with RVAW-111 a Hawkeye training squadron till 1970 then transf to fleet reserve..." [Deceased Updated 14JUL2006 - E-Mail Updated 07JAN2002 | 17FEB2000]

McCORMICK, Michael F. Retired nationwidemike@msn.com "...I was stationed at NAS Oceana in VF-11 aboard the USS Forrestal from January 1972 - April 1975. I was in VT-27 from 1975-1978. I was an AMS-2 in Airframes and Corrosion Control. Hope to hear from former members in VT-27 during that time frame. I left there in April-1978 and went to the F-14 community in VF-14 aboard the USS John F. Kennedy until August-1981. Then to VF-124 at NAS Miramar, California. Then to VF-2 aboard the USS Ranger, until Nov. 1986. Then to VX-4 at NAS Point Mugu, California from December 1986 until November 1991, when I retired..." [06JUN2007]

McGARRY, Charles N. cnmcgarry@yahoo.com "...I received my wings at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas in 1967 and flew P-3A's with VP-49 (1968-1971) until 1970 when we transitioned to P-3C's. Made deployments to NS Sangley Point, Philippines / U-Tapao Royal Thailand Air Force Base, Thailand in 1968 and NAS Keflavik, Iceland in 1970. Crew 12 PPC. Flew TS2A's & T28's with VT-27 (1971-1974) at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas. Taught multi engine flying, including carrier landings, and T28 formation. Reported to USS Independence (1974-1976). Served Air department and flew C1A. Recently retired from Corhart Refractories (formerly Corning) after 29 years in R&D. Received 9 patents..." [16DEC2005]

McMACKEN, Patrick patrick.mcmacken@gte.net "...Received Wings September 1970, first tour at Pacific Missile Test Center. Served with VP-47 April 1973 - January 1976 as a pilot and PPC followed by tour at Comnavmarianas as Admiral's Aide then on to USS Enterprise (CVN-65) as Electronic Warfare Officer. Went to the Reserves at NAS Moffett Field, California then to CPW-2 1981 - 1982 then my department head tour with VP-22, June 1982 - July 1985, PPMC with the Blues Crew. Left VP-22 and spent the next five years in NAS Corpus Christi, Texas at VT-27 and Trawing 4. Retired in 1990. Now working in Municipal Government as the Emergency Management Director for the City of Irving Texas, home of the Dallas Cowboys and also serve as the President of the Emergency Management Association of Texas (EMAT) http://www.emat-tx.org..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 02JUN2002 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 14JAN2001 | 12OCT98]

MEYERRIECKS, CDR Brian J. http://members.tripod.com/~lph9/xobio.htm "...EXECUTIVE OFFICER, USS GUAM (LPH-9) - Commander Brian J. Meyerriecks is a native of Huntington, New York. He graduated from the University of Florida in June of 1975 and was commissioned as an Ensign through the Naval Aviation Officer Candidate program in Pensacola, Florida in October 1977. Following Navy Flight Training in NAS Corpus Christi, Texas he was retained as a Flight Instructor and assigned to VT-27. He taught initial flight training, precision aerobatics and formation flying in the T-28. His next tour of duty was with VP-17 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. He completed two deployment to NAS Cubi Point, Philippines and a split deployment to NAS Adak, Alaska and NSF Diego Garcia. He finished this tour as an Instructor Pilot and Mission Commander in the P-3 aircraft. In February 1984, Commander Meyerriecks reported to VP-31 at NAS Moffett Field, California as a Fleet Replacement Squadron Instructor Pilot. He assumed duties as Pilot NATOPS Officer and conducted the Patrol Plane Instructor Pilot Course, authored a Flight Training Guide for non-instructor pilots and developed a Defensive Flying seminar enhancing flight station safety. He completed this tour as the Commander, Naval Air Pacific, NATOPS Pilot Evaluator for the P-3 Aircraft. In November 1986, Commander Meyerriecks reported to the USS KITTY HAWK (CV 63) in San Diego, California as the ship's Communicatioins Officer. He deployed in 1987 for an around-the-world cruise where he earned qualifications as Underway Replenishment Conning Officer, Officer of the Deck Underway and Command Duty Officer Underway. In July 1989, Commander Meyerriecks reported to CPW-10 NAS Moffett Field, California to serve as Director of the Antisubmarine Warfare Operations Center. While assigned to Patrol Wing TEN he was selected as the 1989 Junior Officer of the Year by the Santa Clara Valley Council, Navy League of the United States. Commander Meyerriecks joined VP-48 in November 1990. There he served as Training Officer and deployed to NAS Cubi Point, Philippines. VP-48 was disestablished and subsequently he joined VP-40 as the Operation Officer and deployed to NAS Misawa, Japan along with numerous detachments to the Persian Gulf throughout Operations DESERT SHIELD and DESERT STORM. In November 1991, Commander Meyerriecks reported to the Bureau of Naval Personnel in Washington, DC., as the VP Air Combat Placement Officer. He reported to VP-45 as Executive Officer in April 1994. In April 1995, Commander Meyerriecks took command of VP-45 and lead the "Pelicans" on a six month deployment to NS Roosevelt Roads, PR, operating throughout Central and South America, setting records in Drug Interdiction and Counter-Narcotics Operations. Commander Meyerriecks personal awards include two Meritorious Service Medals, Four Navy Commendation Medals, a Navy Achievement Medal and various unit campaign awards..." [05JUL2003]

MOLINARI, James R. jmolinrnl@aol.com "...I served with AOCS Class 13-90 from May 9, 1990 to August 24, 1990, VT-27 NAS Corpus Christi, Texas from August 90 to August 1991, VT-31 NAS Corpus Christi, Texas from September 1991 to April 1992, Wings of Gold February 14, 1992, VP-30 NAS Jacksonville, Florida from May 1992 to September 1992, VP-24 NAS Jacksonville, Florida from October 1992 to March 1995, VP-40 NAS Whidbey Island, Washington from March 1995 to October 1996, DLI Washington from October 1996 to May 1997; Dutch PEP tour with VSQ-320 and VSQ-321 from June 1997 to December 1999, VR-58 NAS Jacksonville, Florida from July 2000 to May 2002, American Eagle Airlines from March 2000 to November 2000, Delta Airlines from March 2001 to November 2001; and furloughed November 1, 2001. Returned to active duty (Air Force this time) from May 2002 to present (452nd Flight Test Squadron, Edwards AFB, CA.)..." [BIO Updated 17MAY2004 | 15SEP2000]

PLANK, Dustin L. z4pilot@roadrnner.com "...I served with VP-8 from January 1972 to August 1972 and VT-27 at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 10APR2010]

RAY, ADR Charles P. cray8@kc.rr.com "...I served with VT-27 NAAS New New Iberia, Louisiana from 1960 to 1961 (establishment and still have my Plank Owners Certificate) and VAW-13 NAS Alameda, California from Fall 1961 to June 1963 (Honerable Discharge). I would like to hear from any former Shipmates..." [02JAN2009]

REES, Jeff lcdrrees@yahoo.com "...I served (flew the P-3) with VP-56, VP-45, VP-30, VP-8 and VT-27 (T-34 Instructor Pilot and as an A-Strike aboard USS Abraham Lincoln). I left active duty in 2000 for the airlines but was recalled 4 times after 9-11 serving at NORAD, HQ USSOUTHCOM and 4th Fleet. I retired from the Reserves in 2007..." [21JUN2012]

STOTTS, AMS3 Jim jpsranch@mvtel.net "...I served aboard the USS Coral Sea (CVE 57) V-2 Division from May 1961 to August 1962 and VT-27 at NAAS New Iberia, LA from 1963 to 1964. I would like to hear from other Shipmates!..." [21OCT2009]

St. CLAIR, AK Bob r_stclai@bellsouth.net "...I served with VT-27 in New Iberia, La. from l962 to mid l964, NAS Midway Island from 1964 to 1965 (with CDR Jackson again from VT-27), and the USS Ranger from l965 to l966 in Nam. I was AKAN at New Iberia, personnel office on NAS Midway Island with ships company not squadron, and back to aviation storekeep on Ranger. Anyone out there who served in these places drop me an e-mail. I returned to Louisiana and I live in Lafayette, La. and visit Alton, Il. once in awhile to see my Mom..." [11SEP2003]

THELEN, Kent C. KAThelen@peoplepc.com "...I completed pilot training with VT-27 and VT-31, went through the rag at VP-31. I joined VP-22 as they began their deployment to NAS Cubi Point, Philippines in November of 85. I served 3 full deployments (two to NAS Cubi Point, Philippines and one in NAS Adak, Alaska I served on many crews, but the most memorable were CAC 6, in 85-86 as 3P (I learned a lot about the Navy from PPC/MC Rusty Cottrell & 2P Kirk Pointer) and CAC acey-deucey as PPC/MC during the 88/89 deployment. I'd love to hear from any Shipmates!..." [E-Mail Updated 20SEP2000 | BIO Updated 24JUL2000 | 03MAY98]

WARNER, AT2 William R. billwar1@msn.com "...I served with ATU-402 and VT-27 in NAAS Kingsville, Texas and NAAS New Iberia, LA from 1959 thru 1962. I was an AT2 in the Avionics Division. Our skippers were CDR Jackson and CDR. Toulon. I was just curious about what happened to my old squadron..." [09MAR2006]

WINN, Thomas "Mike" Retired tmwinn1@gmail.com "...I served with VP-16, VP-30, VP-45, VP-56, VT-27, VT-31, ASWOC NAS Keflavik, Iceland, VP-16, VAQ-33 and then retired. I am currently flying with DAL F/O 767-400..." [E-Mail Updated 16FEB2009 | 18FEB2007]

WOODS, John "Woody" wood7382@bellsouth.net "...Flying for UPS now on the 757/767. Going to the same destinations Doug Gillette goes probably (Latin America). Miss flying with people like Scotty Mensen. I served with VP-10 from 1983 to 1986, VT-27 from 1986 to 1988, VPU-2 from 1989 to 1992, VP-10 from 1992 to 1994, NAVSAFECEN from 1994 to 1997 and got out in 1997. Nothing else looked enjoyable! The timing was good. VPU-2 was certainly a highlight of my career in the Navy. We need a Reunion!..." [03JAN2003]

WRIGHT, David uapilot@hotmail.com "...Trained in VT-27 circa 1985-1986, VT-28 circa 1986, and VP-30 RAG in 1987. Joined VP-11 in February 1987 and immediately was sent to that winter resort otherwise called SERE school by the training officer, LT Billy Barnes. Joined CAC-3 under Brian "Frog" McDonald who was replaced by Steve Culpepper a few months after I joined the crew. Mark "Bomber" Branstrom was my 2P, Dave "Lee Harvey" Oswald was my NAVCOM, Mike Leary my TACCO, Rob Webster my FE, AW Savage, Martinez, AO Larson....that is all I can remember. I then joined CAC-6 after my Rota/Lajes vacation in 1987-88 and served as 2P under Bomber. On CAC-6 Shemp crew, I was flying with Tom "golden boy" Reck, AD Mathy, AMS Latour, Dave Doxey and some guy as TACCO...I think he was OPSO too...as well as PPC Bomber Branstrom. Ascended to PPC of CAC-6 for a precious few months before being back stabbed out just before the drawdown "rightsizing" bloodbath in 1990 that left alot of fine people out in the cold at the hands of a few power seekers. (Hi Tony R. and Pete S....not Pete Scott). That bitter taste will never leave my mouth. Ground jobs were TAD Officer, CSM Officer (Adrienne marks where are you?), AE Branch and finally QAO. Left VP-11 in 1990 and became an instructor in VT-27...dodging death daily. Left the Navy in 1993 actively and 1996 reserve-wise. Now fly as a Captain with United Airlines on the illustrious 737 in Chicago's O'Hare and never looking back although there were alot of tremendous people, mostly enlisted, that I will remember forever. Cheers All!..." [06APR2001]

WYSCARVER, John Allan usnavalair@aol.com "...I served with VT-27 an E-3 AK (Aviation Storekeeper) from about 1969 to 1970. I was sent to NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam for two tours and separated back into the U.S. Naval Air Reserves. I served with a training squadron at Ellington Field, Texas for a number of years before transferring to a P2 Patrol Squadron out of NAS New Orleans, Louisiana. I figured I was an active Naval Reservist for about 11 years before going into the Texas Army National Guard. While in Vietnam, two of my good buddies were Steve Pike and Gary Rapplejay from California. Any Shipmates from VT-27, those who serve in Vietnam, the old Patrol Squadron in Louisiana (I helped the transition from P2's to P-3's) drop me a line! I served with the U.S. Army Military Intelligence Group active from 10/18/2001 to 09/13/2002. Finally...retired. HA! Once an Airdale...always an Airdale!..." [09AUG2003]

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