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BARTON, Clarence O. mattc@misn.com "...I was in FASRON-110 from early 1957 until December 1959. Would love to hear from any of my old Buddies..." [03NOV2001]

BUITENHUYS, Lewis F. lewis_b02364@yahoo.com "...Served in US Navy from '46-'48 and my major duty squadron was FASRON-110. Stationed at NAS North Island, San Diego, California. Was enlisted SKD1 assigned to disbursing office, handling Commissioned Officers payroll records. Am unfamiliar with FASRON-110 war record and would like info. regarding same..." [30NOV2000]

FENNER, AXCS LeRoy H. (Lee) Retired leefenner@home.com "...Flew in P5's, P2's, P3's, and S2's as Radioman and ASW Operator. Served with FASRON 110 from 53-56, VP-48 in 56, FAETUPAC from 59-63, VP-4 from 64-67, VP-31 from 68-71, VS-33 from 71-74, and NAMTD 1036 from 74-77. Love to hear from any old Shipmates..." [02AUG98]

FOWLER, AD3 Karll karode1@att.net "...I served with VJ-61 at NAS Miramar, California, VR-8 at Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii and FASRON-110 (06/1954-03/1955). I would like to hear from former Shipmates..." [16NOV2013]

GRAPPONE, AMSC Al Retired algrappone@comcast.net "...I attended Boot Samp Newport, RI (June 18, 1941 to August 25, 1941, AM School NAS Jacksonville, Florida (August 26, 1941 to December 29, 1941), LTA School NAS Lakehurst, New Jersey (December 31, 1941 to June 3, 1942), ZP-12 NAS Lakehurst, New Jersey (June 3, 1942 to January 24, 1943), ZP-51 San Juan Puerto Rico, ZP-51 NAS Trinidad, British West Indies (March 4, 1942 to August 24, 1943), Blimp Hedron 5 NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (1943), Blimp Hedron 2 NAAF Atkinson Field, Essequibo, British Guiana, Blimp Hedron 4 NAF Amapa, Brazil (1945), ZP-41 Richmond Field, FL (June 8, 1945 to March 2, 1946), ZP-12 NAS Lakehurst, New Jersey (March 2, 1946 to August 10, 1946), NAS Quonset Point, Rhode Island (August 12, 1946 to September 8, 1947), COMFLEETAIR WESTCOAST (October 2, 1947 to October 7, 1947), VP-ML-1 NAS Miramar, California (October 7, 1947 to July 20, 1948), Receiving Station NAS Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (July 1948), Receiving Station NAS Agana, Guam (August 18, 1948 to August 25, 1948), FASRON-122 Tsingtao China (August 29, 1948 to December 6, 1948), USS Pine Island (AV-12) (December 7, 1948 to April 4, 1949), FASRON-119 Tsingtao China (April 4, 1949 to April 5, 1949), FASRON-122 NAF Oppama, Japan (1949), USS Fabius (1950 to 1951), VR-5 href="nasmoffett.html">NAS Moffett Field, California (1951), VR-21 NAS Atsugi, Japan (1952), VR-23 NAS Atsugi, Japan (1952 to 1954), VR-2 NAS Alameda, California (1954 to 1956), VR-23 NAS Atsugi, Japan (1956 to 1958), VFAW-3 NAS North Island, San Diego, California (1958 to 1959), FASRON-110 NAS North Island, San Diego, California (1959 to 1960), NAS North Island, San Diego, California (1960 to 1961), and Retired May 4, 1961..." [E-Mail Updated 26MAR2011 | 02MAY2004]

HARRIS, Benjamin c/o His Daughter Susan Harris ShakespeareKeats@netscape.net "...I am looking for anyone that knew my Dad, Benjamin Harris. He was in the AFGTO in FASRON-110 on NAS North Island, San Diego, California in 1947-48. He is looking for any old buddies, reminiscing stories or pictures of what the Island looked like then. Thank You..." [19FEB2002]

KIRCHNER, Bob N1859@AOL.COM "...Served with FASRON-110 NAS North Island, San Diego, California from 1958 through 1959 in the Parachute Loft. I would like to hear from others. Thanks..." [20OCT2002]

NEUMANN, LCDR Lawrence A. Retired neumannl@snet.net "...I was Ens. Lawrence A. Neumann, Officerin Charge, April 1944 to June 1945 aboard the Landing Craft Tank LCT-898 from LCT-898 I went to staff ADCOM 7th PHIB then to Mare Island Shipyard and separation to INACDU in 1946. In 1950 VP-731 was a reserve squadron activated for the Korean war, I was the electronic officer of VP-731 VP-731 on her first deployment to NS Sangley Point, Philippines in 1951. On return to San Diego I transferredred to VU-3 VU-3a (drones) as Assistant Electronic Officer. Next I was sent to FAW-2 FAW-14 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii while at FAW-2 on TAD to VP-6 I supervised upgrading configuration of new P2V-5's for WestPac duty. When the FAW was deployed to WestPac I was detached for having too much time in WestPac and was assigned to FASRON-110 at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. My next station was NAS Point Mugu, California as Range Comm Officer. After a tragic accident when family members of VW-2 vw2a were lost on deployment to NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco. I was ordered as a replacement for the man that lost his family. I was designated as a Naval Aviation Observer and I spent 1 1/2 years with VW-2a operating P4M aircraft-1Q aircraft. The VW-2a unit was redesignated as VQ-2 in 1956. I was mustered out in July 1956 and returned to civilian life. I joined the Naval Reserve as an Electronic Officer in VS-837 (NAS Brooklyn, New York). The squadron was recalled to active duty in 1961 for the Berlin Crisis and included a 3 month deployment to NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. On return from NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba I transferred to VP-837 (NAS Brooklyn, New York). I finally retired from reserve duty in 1978 as an LCDR - I was the electronics officer LCDR of VS-837 when we were activated in October 1961. We were deployed to NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in the spring of 1962 for about six weeks. Our squadron was selected for an experimental long legs project at Grumman Aircraft that involved installation of large fuel tanks in the bomb bay. The work was done on site at NAS Floyd Bennett Field, New York. VS-837 was deactivated in June 1962. During my VS-837 active duty I was able to commute to my home in Trumbull, CT on a regular basis. I transferredred to VP-837 shortly after deactivation and became a TACCO. On a two weeks activation to NAS Jacksonville, Florida our crew qualified as a fleet B class unit. I continued to drill at FBT until about 1972..." [BIO Updated 24JUN2007 | BIO Updated 24MAY2007 | BIO Updated 29JUL2005 | 17JUL2000]

PARKER, Daniel Alton altonparkerw@bellsouth.net "...I served with FASRON-110 (1958)..." [25JUL2012]

REINHARDT, LCDR Dick Retired rr2mohawk@bendbroadband.com "...Served with VP-47, FASRON-110, VP-731, and VP-48 between 1949 and 1948 as an AL & later AT. Left VP-48 at NAS Iwakuni, Japan for OCS in the Spring of 1958 as an AT1. Later served as a "Black Shoe" in DD's, Cruiser's etc. Currently in Bend Or. Would like to swap a "sea story" or two with any old Shipmates so inclined!..." [E-Mail Updated 30JAN2006 | E-Mail/BIO Updated 20FEB2002 | 30SEP97]

ROSAS, Louis rosas@mindspring.com "...I served in VP-22 from 1951 to late 1952 or early '53. CO was "Wild Bill" Godwin. Was transferredred to VP-28 when they traded in the PB4Y2 for the P2-V. Skipper at the time was Cdr Mark V. Montgomery. Returned to NAS San Diego and served in FASRON 110 till discharge in '54. Joined the Army retired as CW4 after flying in Vietnam. Would like to hear from any shipmates and would like to get a VP-22 "Slobbering Goose" patch if anyone has one they'll part with..." [09FEB98]

Memorial Picture "...STOUT, LCDR Karl Don...Shipmate Pix...My husband, Karl Don Stout, passed away June 30, 2014. Don served with FASRON-110 (1958) at NAS North Island, San Diego, California, VP-48 (1958-1960) at NAS North Island, San Diego, California, VP-773 at NAS Olathe, Kansas and VP-661 (1960-1966) at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. I flew as a Pilot/Navigator. His obit is on Karl Don Stout..." Contributed by Cathy Stout csmaha@msn.com [16JUL2014]

STOUT, LCDR Karl Don Retired csmaha@msn.com "...I served with FASRON-110 (1958) at NAS North Island, San Diego, California, VP-48 (1958-1960) at NAS North Island, San Diego, California, VP-773 at NAS Olathe, Kansas and VP-661 (1960-1966) at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. I flew as a Pilot/Navigator..." [E-Mail Updated 16JUL2014 | 17FEB98]

SULLIVAN, Maurice G. gened@att.net "...I served with FASRON-110 (12/1950-10/1953) and worked in the Sheet Metal Shop..." [05JAN2014]

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