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BAULEY, Duane dewy6902@earthlink.net "...Served with FASRON-119 from 1951 thru early 1953 NS Sangley Point, Philippines in starboard section beach crew. I served with FASRON-12 and from 1953 thru 1954 at NAS Miramar in operations. Interested in contact with Shipmates. Especially interested in contact with the Captian of FASRON-119 at that time and with a Chief Warrant officer in Operations FASRON-12 or relatives of these men..." [12NOV2002]

BONNEFOI, Richard W. RNEbonnie@yahoo.com "...Attended Boot Camp at Great Lakes (8/31/51), AnP School at NAS Jacksonville, Florida, and AD School in Millington, TN in 1952. I was then sent to Sand Point O and R about June 1952 and worked on PBYs and PBMs (great base). I then served on the PINE ISLAND (AV-12) around September 1953. We operated with WestPac in the Formosa Straits as the Flagship for the Formosa Patrol Force. I served with VP-40 from February 1954 till September 1954 (first squadron to operate with the new P5Ms). I was then trransfered to FASRON-12 1/55 at NAS Miramar. I was discharged on August 31, 1955. I had a great in Naval Air. I am now retired from the Chicago Fire Department..." [14APR2000]

LEISHER, AD2 William (Bill) Wleisher@aol.com "...I joined FASRON-11 at NAS Atsugi, Japan fresh out of AD(A) school in mid 1952 and left as an AD2. I spent half of my tour at NAS Atsugi, Japan in the Jet Shop under ADC Seeger (sp?) and the rest at two of our detachments, K-18 and Itazuke. In mid 1954 I was transferred to FASRON-12 at NAS Miramar and, after extending for two years, stayed there till mid 1957 when I was discharged. Great duty and a great part of my life! Would like to hear from others from these two FASRONs...." [25JAN2003]

SOCH, AE2 Don dleesoch@sbcglobal.net "...I served with FASRON-12 (1954-07/1956) at NAS Miramar, California. Chief GOLDEN(?) was my Clectric Shop boss when I arrived..." [18DEC2012]

WHELAN, Jim omceltic@cpx.net "...I was one of the first 50 Airmen to be stationed at NAS Atsugi, Japan. I arrived via Sasebo on October 1, 1950. I was assigned to FASRON-11. The base was commissioned in December 1950. I stayed with the FASRON-11 and later assigned to the Air Station itself and worked with an Army Sgt. Signnal Corp member to set up the telephone system. I had four Japanese women operators who did all incoming and outgoing cals on the main swirch board. I played on the first base basketball team in Novemebr 1950 and was a starting Offensive Tackle on the first football team the Atsugi Flyers in 1951 which won the Far East title in the service league. I was reassigned to the USS Essex (LHD-2) in March of 1952 and saw duty off North Korea as a flight deck ordanceman. Returning to the USA in July 1952, I was stationed with COMmander AIR PACific (COMAIRPAC) at NAS North Island, San Diego, California. I was assigned to special services and played for the North Island Skyraiders football team. Our opening game that year was against the NFL Champion Los Angeles Rams. The game was played before a a standing room only audience of 30,000 fans in Balboa Stadium. I was re-assigned to FASRON-12 at NAS Miramar, California in early January 1953 and remained there until being re-called to NAS North Island, San Diego, California for the 1953 football season. Staioned back with FASRON-12 Personnel Office until discharged in May 1954..." [08NOV2010]

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