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Memorial Picture Shipmate Pix "...BAKER, Charles...My Dad, Charles Baker, served with FASRON-6 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida and was discharged July 7, 1950. Dad passed away in 1957 when I was 3 years old. I would love to hear from any of Dad's former Shipmates..." Contributed by Pauline (Baker) Swanson svensson@bluevalley.net [2011]

CLARK, AWCS Richard E. dickc@riteroappaloosas.com "...I served with FASRON-6 (10/1955-01/1957), VS-41 (01/1978-06/1978), VS-21 (06/1978-07/1980) and VS-41 (07/1980-01/1985)..." [03MAY2020]

COHN, Ronald B. snips1938@sbcglobal.net "...Hello to all my Shipmates who served with FASRON-6 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. I served with FASRON-6 from 1955 to 1956 as a Parachute Rigger striker. I did not get Parachute Rigger school so ended up AME3. I served with VF-82 (Iron Men) until disestablishement. Ended up with VF-41 (Black Aces) at NAS Oceana VA. I had many good times at NAS Jacksonville, Florida. While in Navy I had open heart surgery while in the Navy. I survived a heart attack last September so they did a good job on me. Any old buddies from FASRON-6 or VF-82 contact me..." [06NOV2003]

KERNS, Walter "Frank" c/o Stan Jackson (EMCM(SS) sjacks@gate.net "...I am doing some research for my wife's uncle who was attached to FASRON 6 some time around 1957. His name is Walter "Frank" Kerns. He is looking for old Shipmates from that period..." [E-Mail Updated 21NOV99 | 30JUL99]

LORE, AD3 Howard N. Jr. storminnorman5@verizon.net "...I served with FASRON-6 from May 1951 until to 1953 and VR-24 NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco. Worked on the line crew and got 3rd class. Spent much good time in NAS Jacksonville, Florida. Enjoyed my time while there..." [BIO Updated 30DEC2009 | 30AUG2008]

MONROE, Paul D. papapdm@aol.com "...After basic training, Great Lakes, Ill., I went to FASRON-6 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida until it was decommsioned. I went to VX-1 at NAS Boca Chica, Florida for 26 months from 1959 to 1961. VX-1 had Air Ships (Blimps), HSS-1 and HSS-2 Helicopters, S2Fs, SNB Beach Craft, P5M Sea Planes and two P2 Neptune Aircraft. The P2V Neptunes were the pride of the Anti-Submarine Warfare. Events of the time was the Bay of Pigs invasion, 90 miles south, in Cuba and Hurricane Donna, which hit just north of NAS, Key West, destroying most structures and every bridge in it's path, up the overseas highway, US1 to the mainland, below Homestead, Fl. August 1961 I was transferredred to the USS Mullinnix, out of Norfolk, Va., that then went to Key West with new electronics to train with VX-1, chasing submarines. My active duty ended in 1962 with an Honorable Discharge, at which time I went into the Naval Reserves in Greensboro, NC..." [22AUG2009]

SMITH, William J. lsmith@excel.net "...I served in FASRON-6 Supply from 1952 to 1955. I currently own several businesses and operate a locksmith shop with a couple of my kids just north of Milwaukee, Wi. Would enjoy hearing from anyone in this time frame..." [25MAR2001]

TOMAI, AM2 Michael N. mjtomai@adelphia.net "...Served from 1953 - 1956 in FASRON-6 in NAS Jacksonville, Florida. Was an AM2 and assigned to Barracks "A"..." [05MAR2002]

WOERNER, Robert E. robertewoerner@cs.com "...(1944-After boot camp, AOM, ARO and NAG schools I transistioned to PBMs.)...1945-VP-2 (OTU-3) Crew 88-H and 88-I Plane(s): PBM Mariners -3s and -5s - NAS Banana River, FL...Flew over Carribbean (Devil's Triangle)Bahamas, Etc...1946-VP-913-Plane: PV-1 Venturas- NAS New York, NY-1946 and 1947 airshows over Manhattan, squadron flew to Bermuda in 1947...1947-VPML-63 Squadron was re-designated, we added a PBY Catalina to our inventory...1948-Reserve flying was curtailed by SecDef Louie Johnson and I transferredred to a Surface Division on an LST. (USS-732).(YES, an LST!)...1950- when flying resumed I couldn't get back into VPs so I switched to service as an AOM in VF-839 at NAS New York (F9F Bearcats.) 1950-went back on active duty for Korean War in VF22, CAG 4, NAAS Cecil Field, FL. Started with F9F Pantherjets. We switched to F2H2 Banshees in 1951. Went to sea in USS FDR CVB-42 and CVL-48.-transferredred to FASRON 6 at NAS JAX, FL.- Released to inactive duty in Sept. 1952. VF22 went to Korea on the Lake Champlain in 1953. Wish they had gone with me in 1950 or 1951. I was discharged after 10 years service in the USNR in 1954 as an AOU3...Interested in hearing from others who were in the WWII Combat Aircrewman Training Program. They would remember well since a (CA) designator was added to their rate designation..." [E-Mail Updated 23FEB2002 | 01NOV97]

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