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Circa 1953

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: "...FASRON-77 replaced VR-24 detachment in 1953 and was stationed in NAF Naples, Italy with it until 1955. Prior to that FASRON-77 was part of the VR-24 det at Capodichino Airport in Naples. FASRON-77 remained the primary aviation support facility there til a date unknown to me. I was an AE2 in the electrical shop working on the Naval Attache planes who reported to Allied Headquarters Southern Europe. We also had 12 TBM3E's which flew the mail run from Rome and to the Med Fleet aircraft carriers. We also had 2 R4D8's attached to us. We were also the main MATS stop between Port Liauty, French Morocco and London. Had about 90 personnel total..." Contributed by Ralph E. DeLange ralphdelange@juno.com [25APR2000]

Circa 1952

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: "...On 24 June 1952 VR24 Detachment at London was disestablished and VR25 was established there. Also on that date VR25 Det Naples was established. With the exception of five officers, the personnel and aircraft of VR24 Det Naples were transferred to the VR25 Det Naples. VR25 Det was redesignated as FASRON 77 in July 1953. In April 1954 it was decided to reestablish the VR24 Detachment. The Detachment was comprised mostly of volunteers from FASRON 77. The new OinC was Lcdr Joe Engel. This detachment has been in existence ever since. FASRON 77 was later designated as Naval Air Facility..." http://www.vr-24.org/History.htm [10JAN2004]

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