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HOTTON, CAPTAIN Randy Retired pilotyip@aol.com "...VP-45 Oct 68 to Oct 71. Made deployments to NS Sangley Point, Philippines where we flew in Operation Market Time. We flew over 100 hours per month. I was a XO's Navigator on Crew 20, loved the Cel Nav. Crashed on our airplane (June 2nd, 1969) LN-20 151363 in NAS Adak, Alaska on the way home. Was home four months and went into a split Det out of NS Rota, Spain, qualified a PPC came home for five months and back to the Med 6 months in NAS Sigonella, Sicily. I was given my own crew and airplane the last six months I was in the squadron. Went into Recruiting and was assigned to NRD NAF Detroit, Michigan, had my own T-34 and run around hte State of Michigan talking guys into being Navy pilots. Then I got orders to the career-enhancing billet, TSC Ops officer on the USS Enterprise for initial West Coast deployment of the S-3A. Qual OOD (U), TPC in the C-1A. Things didn't work out on the boat and I was forced out in 1977. Joined the reserves at NAF Detroit, Michigan and starting flying the P-3 again in VP-93, had a couple command tours in the reserves and retired as a Captain. What a fantastic adventure, I was truly a lucky guy to live through those experiences. In my civilian career I bounced around a bunch of airlines few people ever heard of. Flew the Electra for TransAmerican and Zantop. Thinking of putting together a Crew 20 reunion, if I can still find anyone besides the XO and Bob Hartl who was on Crew 20. 1968 to 1969. VP-2644 was disestablished in 1981 and became VP-2473. I served in VP-2644 from Aug 1977 until I transefered to VP-93 in 1981. Served as Training Officer and Operations Officer..." [BIO Updated 29APR2010 | 13MAR2010]

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