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HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: "...From the family collection of Capt. F. P. Anderson USN (Ret.) (1915-2005). My Father was Executive Officer of VP-51, Commanding Officer of VP-33 and the 1st Commanding Officer of VW-1. These VPB-34 and VPB-42 boxes were in my Dad's stuff. I gave them to the National Naval Aviation Museum in NAS Pensacola, Florida last year..." Contributed by Colonel Bill Anderson, Retired windtree4@comcast.net [31MAR2011]

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HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: History ThumbnailCameraVPB-34 History "..."Black Cat" Squadron Pilot Joe Ball of Fullerton, California being pinned with the distinquished flying cross award by Vic Admiral Thomas Kinkaid, US Navy. Mr. Ball was a Lieutenant in the USNR. Mr. Ball sunkd a Japanese Transport with a low level attack off an enemy-held island in the Pacific according to info on the back of the photo.. Lt. Ball was a member of the Navy Patrol Bombing Squadron 34 and the attack sunk 98,000 tons of Japanese shipping..." WebSite: EBay http://www.ebay.com/ [04NOV2008]

HistoryA BIT OF HISTORY: VP-34 Cup Thumbnail "...To LCDR R. G. Wilson From Officers of Patrol Squadron 34 Trinidad B.W.I...." [26JUN99]

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