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Memorial Picture "...BISHOP, Earl "Bill"...Shipmate Pix...My Father, AD1 Earl "Bill" Bishop, died in an a/c mishap 20 July 1955 in Naples Italy. He was with VC-8 while flying in AJ1 Savage aboard USS Coal Sea, Med cruise (His 2nd; 1st in '53). I would be interested in any and all information about him. Thank you. Greg Bishop konabish@hotmail.com..." [14OCT2001]

UPDATE "...Further update on Earl Bishop (VC-8 Mishap page). Many thanks to the VPNavy community, as many have replied to the initial posting by Earl's son and daughter, Greg Bishop and Cecelia Graham. Just yesterday his son received his eight medals and ribbons from the Navy. Earl Cecil Bishop was born in the Village of Pinemount, Suwanee County, Florida on 25 Mar 1924. He enlisted in the US Navy on 14 May 41 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida and attended AMM School there. In the European Theatre in WWII he served and flew in VP-52, VP-83, Hedron Patrol Wing 5 (FAW-5), Hedron 9-2 FAW-9, VP-92, Hedron FAW-15, VB-111 and Hedron 9-1 FAW-9 from 29 Nov 41 until 11 Oct 44. In the above squadrons he flew out of NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, NS Roosevelt Roads, PR, Brazil, NAS Bermuda, NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco, Gibralter, and England, participating in anti-submarine and anti-shipping, search and rescue, and bombing missions, including the Anzio and Normandy allied invasions. On 08 Sep 43 he became one of the first enlisted men to be awarded Combat Air Crewman status. Transferring to the Pacific Theatre on 11 Oct 44 he joined Hedron 14-2 FAW-14 at NAAS Camp Kearny, California and embarked upon a three month combat deployment. He remained with Hedron 14-2, then Torpedo Squadron 11 (re-designated VA-12 Able) until his discharge on 25 Mar 47, as AMM1. On 13 Oct 48 he re-enlisted as AD2 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida and joined Flight Test, Naval Test Center, NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. On 24 Jan 52 he joined VC-8, later again attaining 1st Class Petty Officer AD1, and again qualifying as Combat Aircrewman, in the AJ Savage, flying as plane captain. He was killed in the AJ-1 Savage crash at NAF Naples, Italy on 20 July 1955, along with pilot Lt. Donald Bowman and bombadier/navigator Ltjg. Clark McConnell...Chuck Huber (family friend, and Shipmate VC-8) - http://skaneateles.org/ChuckHuber/charles379/USNComposite/index.html cerebralhush@gmail.com..." [29AUG2002]

UPDATE "...Since this posting we have a little more information which I am now sending to you: My father was Earl C. (Bill) Bishop AD-1 with VC-8 Line Division. He was in Pt. Lyautey in 1953 and again in 1955. He was also aboard the USS Coral Sea during 1953 and perhaps in 1955. He flew in the AJ-1 Savage. In 1953 on the Coral Sea he was in flight Crew Eleven with Lt. Powell B. Waid and Lt. Donald A. Bowman. He would have listed his hometown as Live Oak, Florida. My Dad was killed in a plane crash in NAF Naples, Italy 20 July 1955. The flight had left from NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco. The plane developed engine problems over Naples, signaled it would land, but as it circled an engine caught fire and the plane crashed. All three men aboard died in the crash. The crash was in a factory yard, perhaps a glass factory, in Naples. Three Italian workmen were burned attempting to rescue the crew. Would like to hear from anyone who knew him or his crew..." [E-Mail Updated 12DEC2004 | 23OCT2001]

BUCKLEY, Emmitt jan.crowell@silsbeeisd.org "...I served with VP-52 (1942-1946) as a PBY Machinist..." [20FEB2012]

CAMPBELL, AMM1c James M. camp@interpac.net "...I was in headquarters squadron of FAW-2, and was at MCAS/NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii for about all of 1943 except for a deployment in VP-12 for about 6 weeks to NAS Midway Island. I was then transferred in to PATSU 1-11 which was deployed to the Solomon Islands and the island hopping campaign from Guadalcanal to Munda, Ondonga, Green Island to Emereau,Manus and then back to the States in the fall of 1944. I knew Herman Terry in the metal shop as well as "anvilhead," "Duck" Mallard, Marlow and others. I was a part time flight crew member as well, as an instrument mechanic while on the ground duty roster. I had been to gunnery school at Purcell Okla, on the way to Treasure Island Ca. where we boarded LST-448. About half way to Pearl Hardor, the steering linkage motor "burned out" and we had hand-steer to return to San Diego to get a new one. Then on the way to Pearl and more than halfway there, the motor burned out again and we had to steer the LST by hand. We got off the LST in Pearl and went ashore onto Ford Island. There we had two decker iron cots, which the master at arms would come in and beat on the bedstead with a billy club to wake us up in the morning. There at Ford Island, I saw my first and only Admiral all of the time I was in the Navy. I had made AMM1/c while in the islands and was wearing a hash mark when I got back to the NAS Alameda, California where we bought new clothes. As we were on the ferry over to town to buy our clothes "new dress blues" we met our first female sailors. One I was talking to was a ACMM and she had been in the Navy nine months! We had to box up our dress blues and personal gear while at NAS Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. in 1943. Therein was my clothes as well as a gold high school class ring and wrist watch. None of which were ever seen again. The box never got home. If any one remembers the PATSU 1-11, VP-12, VP-52, or HedRon FAW-2 please contact me and let us discuss old times when we were young and dumb..." [19MAR2002]

FOSTER, John Russell "Johnny" c/o Nancy Riordan a_f_riordan@yahoo.com "...My Dad, John John Russell FOSTER, served with VP-52 (Black Cats). He is still living at 89 almost 90 and completely well aware of his missions and even has his log book in tact. He was in stationed in Perth, Australia and was the recipient of the Navy Air Medal and citation. I would LOVE to get in contact with people who may be interested in his stories of important missions. He remembers EVERYTHING related and is remarkable. He presently lives in Marin county in California. Please contact me with information on how I can make contact with crew, anyone who may be interested in talking, etc. I am doing this for him as it is easier for me on the computer than for my Dad..." [09DEC2011]

WERT, Charles Marlin mwert@tricountyi.net "...I served as gunner/mechanic on PBY Catalinas with VP-52 and VP-72 from 1940-1946 (first in North Atlantic and then 18 months in the South Pacific). Will be 80 in September and welcome word from any veteran who remembers me..." [05JUN2003]

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