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RYGLOWSKI, Gerry "Riggles" riggs@msn.com or GeraldR10@AOL.com "...My whole naval air career was VP. From Reserve at NAS Glenview, Illinois (1960) with VP-724 to ActDu with VP-24 (1965-69) and back to NavAir Resforan VP-70V-3, and VP-90 ('70-85). I've been searchin' All Over da World. I happen to visit here thru an ol' sqdn crewman estimating home repairs; now I'm alive- Again. Living in Lake county some 20 yrs my daughter has recently qual'd for NROTC thru NorthWesternUniv at Loyola. We're still a Navy family. Now Retired(8/85) I'm lookin' to Mark-On-Top another Datum. Any ol' Bosin's got a pipe? Thanks So Much for the memories!!! I'll be Passive Listn'ng for any more "contacts" with eyes-front. Buoy away!..." [04MAY98]

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