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Note NOTICE: "...I am a naval historian conducting research for publication of the sinking of U-161 (Korvettenkapitan Albrecht "Ajax" Achilles) by Plane No 2 of VP-74 LT(jg) Harry Patterson on September 27, 1943. The sub and crew were lost and two crewmen of the aircraft, a Martin Mariner were wounded by return fire from the sub. I would like to hear from anyone of he crew who participated in the attack on U-161 or from anyonein the unit wo an supply a copy of he attack report..." Contributed by George Saqqal saqqal@msn.com [27JUN2012]

Note NOTICE: "...I would like to hear from any WWII VP-74 Martin Mariner veterans who participated in the attack and sinking of U-161 off Bahia, Brazil, September 27, 1943. I am seeking information from primaries for an article on this event. Jemison Beshears jbeshears@comcast.net..." [13FEB2010]

Note NOTICE: "...I'm asking for some help. On February 11,1942 my Uncle, Second Radio Officer Alan Rimmer of MV San Arcadio, a British Ship, was rescued after spending twelve days in a small boat with 8 other crew members. The Rescuer was a PBM of VP-74 who put down on the ocean and returned the survivors to Bermuda. At that time VP-74 was based in NAS Bermuda. The San Arcadio had been sunk on January 31, 1942 by U-Boat 107. I would like to obtain some details of the rescue such as an offical report. The Pilot's name would be nice to have and what medals or awards he received for the rescue. Could you oblige with an offical source of this information or failing that any other suggestions for getting it. Regards...Thomas Rimmer trimmer232@rogers.com..." [07DEC2003]

Note NOTICE: "...Looking for anyone who might have been in VP-53 or VP-74 in the Caribbean circa early November 1942. My father was on a Liberty Ship in convoy TAG18 attacked by U-160 and U-129. These two squadrons [along with British 53 Squadron] were involved. Thanks! Don Ritz dr@seacon.com..." [07JAN99]

UPDATE "...Thanks to help from your site, I was able to locate the VP-74 (PBM) reunion group for my father. He told me he heard from people he has not seen since the late 1930s. My father was in Iceland with VP-74 when Pearl Harbor was bombed. I have heard some fantastic WWII VP stories over the past few months from the old PBMers I located...Thanks. Tony Farinella tonyfar@Bellsouth.net..." [10MAY98]

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