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BYRNE, AO2 Dean Kabloey@hotmail.com "...CDR Hollis, I flew with you on several occasions between 1964 & 68. I flew with A. J. Gravit most of the time and a red headed LCDR we called Doc because he was a dentist. I came to NAS Olathe, Kansas in 1964 and was assigned to VP-883 and immediately went on flight status. I was an AMH2 and flew the Ordnance position for 4 years. Had a rate change request in for AO when I got out 30 Apr 68 and went to the Army because all 3 of my requests for Viet Nam had been turned down by the Navy. I volunteered for Special Forces and finaly made it to RVN in 69. When I went thru NAF Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam I found that the Army was flying P2V-7s - w/o the stinger tail and painted black. Big surprise..." [02JUL2001]

CONE, ATN3 John jcone@wi.rr.com "...I served with VP-881 and VP-883 at NAS Olathe, Kansas from 1962 to 1970. I was a radio operator and remember flying with CDR Secord (Pilot), CPO Francis (FE), and Bobby Brown (Ordinance). Of course there was also a Co-Pilot, TACCO, ECM and MAD operators, and others, but it was too long ago to remember all of their names. I do remember box lunches, long flights, and getting a technical "kill" on submarine one summer training in NAS North Island, San Diego, California. Or was it the summer at NAS Moffett Field, California?..." [31AUG2003]

FELLERS, AT2 Bill bfellers@sofnet.com "...I was an AT 2 in the regular Navy from 1958 thur July 1961. I flew with VW-3 and VW-1 out of NAS Agana, Guam. We flew super constellations. I flew in a reserve VP squadron out of NAS Olathe, Kansas from 1961 to 1965 as I was going to Kansas State University. It paid my way to college. The VP outfit was VP-883. We flew P2V-5. When we received P2V-7's, I was transferred to VR 881. I was the only AT in VP-883 that was transfer to another squadron. Never did understand that. Just wanted to say Hi..." [20OCT2000]

HAWLEY, ADR2 D. Fred fhawley@jacksongov.org "...I served with VP-883 as a ADR2 ECM Operator from 1965 to 1971. I would like to hear from any of the NAS Olathe, Kansas group. Where is Larry Dean Miller (ADJ)? See my attempt at a web site on http://www.historic-buildings.org..." [04DEC2004]

HOLLIS, CDR Robert H. Shipmate Pix rhhollis@sky.net "...I have enjoyed sixteen years of retirement from my business and from the navy. The wife and I are still going strong and hope to have many more. For those of you who might be reading this brief history, may it jog your memory and start a post our way. While at Kansas State College, Manhattan, KS in 1942 I joined the V-5 program in Kansas City, Missouri and was deferred until Aug 1943 when I reported to NAVAL FLT. PREP. SCHOOL in Momouth Il. class 8/43; departed 10/43 for WTS at Ontario, OR. class 44E; 12/43 to 3/44 was at PREFLIGHT SCHOOL at St Marys, CA. class 12C-43; 4/44 to 8/44 PRIMARY FLIGHT TRAINING at Livermore,CA. class 4A-44; 8/44 to 2/45 INTERMEDIATE FLIGHT TRAINING at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas. class 8-44; Graduated Ensign on Feb. 5, 1945. 2/45 to 4/45 PRE OPERATIONAL (PBY) at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas; 4/45 to 6/45 OPERATIONAL TRAINING (PBY) at NAS Jacksonville, Florida; 7/45 to 12/45 OPERATIONAL TRAINING (PB4Y) at NAS Hutchinson, KS. 10/50 to 1/56 Squadron VP-771 at NAS Los Alamitos, California. In 1951 the squadron won the NOEL DAVIS TROPHY for VP. 9/51 married Margaret W. Parrish and son Larry was born 3/54. 1/56 to 8/56 VP-774 at NAS Los Alamitos, California. Moved to Overland Park, KS. to join my brother in the firm of Hollis & Miller Arch-Engr. 9/56 to 6/65 VP-882 at NAS Olathe, Kansas. 7/59 to 6/65 was the squadron Executive Officer. 7/65 to 9/67 VP-883; 10/67 to 12/69 NARS-88 at NAS Olathe, Kansas where I transferred to the Retired Reserve..." [BIO Updated 30AUG99 | 24AUG99]

IRWIN, Blair G. bgirwin@sbcglobal.net "...I joined the Navy at NAS Dallas, Texas and was assigned to a NARMU Unit, and shortly after boot, returned to my home in Fort Worth to pack up and move to Kansas City, where I drilled at NAS Olathe, Kansas. While at NAS Olathe, Kansas, I was talked into flying, and loved it from the start, and felt right at home in the P2V and was assigned to VP-891, and later VP-883. After a year or so there, I moved to Chicago and drilled at NAS Glenview, Illinois where I was part of the first overseas deployment of a reserve unit to Europe in 1968 with VP- (VP-723). I also participated in a SUBEX (TRANSITEX) with VP-723 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida April 6-7 1968, leaving Chicago on April 4th 1964, flying over what looked like the whole of Chicago burning below me a result of the riots after Martin Luther King’s shooting. After several years I moved to Los Angles, and drilled at NAS Los NAS Los Alamitos, California. Leaving the Navy when NAS Los Alamitos, California was decommissioned in 1970...." [14MAY2012]

LIGHT, AZ2 Brian prohar@comcast.net "...I served with VP-883 (1963-1966) at NAS Olathe, Kansas..." [26NOV2014]

MORDENTE, AOC(AW/AC) Samuel P. Retired cposam@optonline.net "...I served with VP-883 and VP-839 from 1954 until the field closed in 1970. I then went to NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. I was a plank owner retired from VP-66 in 1992 as a AOC(AW/AC). I currently live on long Island, NY enjoying life but missing the Navy very much..." [E-Mail/BIO Updated 31DEC2008 | BIO Updated 21SEP2002 | 25FEB2001]

Memorial Picture Shipmate Pix "...SABOL, AT2 David G...Please be advised that AT2 David G. Sabol passed away on July 30, 2013, aged 74 years. His Navy years (1956-62) were some of the best in his life. He served on the USS Intrepid (CVS-11), VP-45 as an AT on the P5M Aircraft (Boat 8-LN 7717) BUNO 127717. He was released from active service in 1960, joined reserve squadron VP-883 at NAS Olathe, Kansas. He was recalled to active duty for the Cuban Missile Crisis with VP-661, serving as a radioman/subhunter on the P2V aircraft. After deactivation he was a member of the USNR until 1966..." Contributed by George F. Sabol gfsabol2013@yahoo.com [26MAR2014]

SABOL, David Shipmate Pix dgstomp@juno.com "...Looking for aircrew members from VP-661 1961-1962 when were at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland and NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba during Cuban missle crisis. Especially LV4. Also crew members from VP-881/VP-882/VP-883 NAS Olathe, Kansas who went with me to join VP-661 at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland...VP-45 USN aircrew NAS Bermuda - Radio, Radar, ECM, Julie, Sonar, Ordanance, qualified in P5M-1. Rate ATN2. 1958 - 1960...VP-883 NAS Olathe, Kansas reserve squadron 1960 - 1961 Radio, Radar, ECM, Ordanance, 2nd Mech qualified P2V-6 aircrew...VP-661 - recalled for Cuban missle crisis 1961 - 1962 Patuxent Rive and NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Radio, Radar, ECM, Julie, Ordanance, Jezebel qualified P2V-5FS & P2V-7 aircrew, rate AT1..." [E-Mail Updated 23NOV2004 | 14SEP98]

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